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Acting Career Quick-Start Home Study Course
Video Testimonial
by Wes Cantrell

Wondering how to start an acting career?

There are certainly many ways to do so, but the fact is that many new, aspiring and would-like-to-be actors simply "flounder" around wondering what to do to finally start getting regular auditions and acting work. In this video conversation between Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course founder Anthony Smith and program graduate Wes Cantrell, Wes talks about how the course has "changed his life". If you have been wondering if the Home-Study Course really can help someone start an acting career, watch this video and listen to someone who has gone through the program and applied what he has learned so that now, he "finally has a career."

There you have it, straight from the mouth of someone who has actually gone through the program. Wes I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank you for your taking the time to conact me to give me this message. I'm always happy to hear stories of people who have actually applied what they learn to get the results. You took the course and did the things I suggested in it to get to the point where you are now. Good job! Keep it up. You have finally figured out how to start an acting career and I'm happy to have had something to do with that.

Message from Tony, founder of the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course

What I tell people who want to start an acting career is this.
You can either spend money, time, effort surfing the internet looking for auditions or hoping to get introduced to an agent or be content with getting an audition or an acting job every now and then OR INVEST little more money and time to start getting regular acting work within 4-6 months.
It's up to you. This is what I give you in the Home-Study Course:

*1-1.5 hour video instruction once per week right in front of your computer
*mp3 audio file of the video for you to download to your computer or smart phone or ipod
*downloadable materials and (in most cases) pdf presentation of the videos
*4 announced bonuses: 1) How to convince anyone of anything anytime, 2) Presenting with Impact! 3) How to get over stage fright, 4) My First 3 Months of my acting career IN DETAIL.
*5 surprise bonuses that you get throughout the course
*Free Type, headshot, cover letter, resume evaluation
*Free skype call personally with me each month for 20 minutes if you feel you need it.
*Email support from me for your questions.

You can either keep doing what you have been or try something different. The choice is yours. This is what Wes Cantrell is doing. What are you going to do?

All the best,


p.s. Wes is also an affiliate of The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course. That means for all the people he refers to the program and who actually enroll, he earns a very generous 50% commission! At the end of his testimonial (see the video here above), we also talked about his becoming an affiliate. Since then he has made three sales, which have allowed him to pay for his own Home-Study Course subscription with one of those sales and with the other two, he has made more than $400 that he has put towards other things he needs for his acting career. And just think, he's just getting started! That's easy money that Wes has coming in each month to help him fund his acting career! Check out this video too.


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