Acting Career Quick Start

How to get a talent agent
who actually gets you auditions!

Get a talent agent who gets you auditions: Some food for thought

My experience tells me that spending time to try and get another agent at this point, especially if that agent you want is in another city, is not the best next step for you. If your current agent is not getting you very many auditions, then you need to understand the reason. Do you know what it is?

Before you get a talent agent and if you really want to start an acting career, it's important to know that they are in business for a reason. They want to make money. They can only do that if the actors they send out on auditions actually book the jobs they audition for. Agents get 10 percent of what the actor makes. For example, let’s say that the agent sends out an actor for an audition and he books the job. The job pays $100. The client, which is the production company that actually produces the project that they asked actors to audition for (film or TV show, etc.) pays the agent the $100. The agent keeps $10 and then pays the actor $90.

Before you go out to get a talent agent, it's also important to know that they want to represent actors who, when they send them out on auditions, they believe have the skill and talent to actually beat out the competition and book the job a high percentage of the time. If your agent isn't sending you out very much, that tells me 3 things. A) the talent agent already has other actors of your type and with more experience that they represent (Type is a fundamental concept you need to be familiar with in order to effectively get yourself noticed in the acting industry. We cover that in the course as well.), B) the agent likes to work with those other actors because they because they book work! In other words, those actors go out on acting auditions, beat out other actors and book acting jobs often.

Once again, in other words those actors make the agent money!, C) the agent doesn't believe that you will be better able to book acting jobs off of acting auditions more so than the actors of your type that he/she already represents. It’s that simple. It’s business Adele, not a popularity contest. Your agent wants to make money and they send out the actors on auditions who can help them do that.

Going through the Acting Career Quick Start Course will help you to understand the dynamics of working with an agent, how to work together with your agent to get you more auditions instead of expecting the agent to do all the work. It will also help you to understand how to get an agent in the first place, something that is not to be taken for granted. Think about this. Some actors believe that if the agent gets 10% of what they make off of an acting job, then the agent should be expected to do only 10% of the work! The actor needs to do the rest! Interesting huh?

I warn you though, that you will not see the module about how to get a talent agent right away. The course is structured in such a way that you do what chronologically makes sense. In other words, I don't put the cart before the horse. There are other things you need to learn first about starting an acting career before we talk about getting acting auditions or about how to get a talent agent. That way, when you finally are ready to get that agent in LA, you'll know exactly what you're doing.

Acting Career Quick Start

If you have been trying the same old things to meet people in the industry including casting directors and agents, then you will need to start thinking outside the box in order to be able to get a talent agent, that you have yet to be able to get.

For a very simplified explanation of how to get an agent..., that you will find difficult to execute without guidance. It seems easy to have these steps and it is if you do it right.

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