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Actor hangouts

I got an interesting and intelligent question this week about where to find other actors to converse and interact with. The reason I find this question particularly intelligent is because of something that I wrote about some time ago, which is about finding your acting tribe, which basically says that you will most likely achieve the same kind of results in life as the people you surround yourself with.

If you are having trouble building relationships with casting directors and talent agents, finding an agent to represent you, finding auditions, understanding how to best promote yourself as an actor and get noticed or just plain getting acting work, then finding actor hangouts and spending time with people who know how to do those things, could be a wise thing to do. It could be interesting to first hand from people who are successful doing those things that you are not successful doing, to learn from them.

At any rate here is a list of actor hangouts:

  1. Acting schools, acting classes: this is a great place to meet new and up-coming actors as well as seasoned actors. Realize the good actors never stop studying the craft of acting and trying to improve their skill.

  2. Workshops for actors: as opposed to ongoing acting classes, workshops for actors are usually created to help actors to improve in a specific area such as auditioning, on-camera acting, hosting, voice-over, etc.

  1. Acting showcases: a showcase is exactly that, it’s a way for actors to “showcase” their work.

  2. Other acting industry events and awards ceremonies

  3. Theatre productions: going to plays is what passionate actors do to see other actors who are working and learn from them. It’s what you need to do regularly if you plan to become a theatre actor, just like aspiring television and film actors should go to the movies and watch television programs regularly.

  4. Theatre companies

  5. Staged readings: Theatre companies organize staged readings of plays they are thinking to produce and need actors to do that.

  6. Forums with casting directors and talent agents: these are often evening events in which there is a panel of casting directors and agents for whom you can audition or do a scene. They will usually judge you, give you feedback and take your headshot and resume. There are usually lots of actors who sign up for these paid events.

  7. Film schools such as the New York Film Academy: usually frequented by not only film production students to aspire to work on the sets of films behind the camera, but also by acting students. Actors and former actors are taught by teachers who will undoubtedly have something of value to share with you.

  8. Indie film projects: indie film producers are a magnet for actors

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  9. Student film projects: the same is true for student films

  10. Drama department at US universities

  11. Facebook acting groups

  12. Monologue slam and other competitions for actors

  13. Actor union offices

  14. Actor fest: one of the biggest trade fairs for the acting business. It is hosted by backstage and takes place in New York and LA each year.

  15. Actors connection: a place where actors can go meet with casting directors and agents in Q&A sessions and then audition for them. It's an opportunity to get to know a casting director or agent you might not ordinarily be able to meet.

  16. a place to meet different types of people from all walks of life.

  17. Extra acting jobs: there are actors here to be found, but you need to be careful about what you learn. While I  personally believe that doing extra work early in your career when you are first getting started can be a good learning experience, you don’t want to get stuck doing that forever. Many of the people you will meet in the waiting area during such projects are just that. Stuck. But you can still learn some things that are good to do and not do.

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  18. Bars, cafés in your local area

  19. Your local community theatre

  20. Acting auditions: in the waiting room in casting offices

  21. Film festivals

  22. Other acting industry events and awards ceremonies

  23. Rehearsal space rental studios, i.e. Ripley Grier Studios in New York

  24. Places where actors get their headshots reproduced and postcards made, i.e. Reproductions in New York and LAs

Actor Hangouts Conclusion: All my efforts to push you to learn the business of acting are all for a very good reason and like I always say, you can learn it from me or from someone else. What's important is that you learn it! You learn things in life that you need to learn to improve yourself from people who already know. Some of these people have the 5 characteristics necessary to be your mentor. So, if one of the reasons you are interested in actor hangouts was because you need to learn more about what it takes to start an acting career, then you have come to the right place!

Get it all in one place and step-by-step.

You can look all this stuff up on your own, or I can give it to you all in one place, step-by-step in The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course, which will help you know how to start an acting career quicker than you will if you try and do it alone. It will be much easier and get you to where you want to be (a real-life working actor) in a lot shorter time. It’s up to you!

I'm here to help.


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