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Anthony Smith, Creator of The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course

Anthony Smith here. You can call me Tony. I’m an actor, author and mentor for thousands of new and aspiring actors all over the world.

After a long corporate career in Nike and Levi’s I changed my life and decided to purse my real interests which are acting, writing books and giving motivational speeches.

My acting credits include, short films, small roles in feature films, lots of industrials (corporate videos), hosting of live events, voice over work and educational videos.

What I learned over the past few years is that there is a great need for new actors to learn the business and that there are basically ten reasons why most new actors never make it. I even made a video about that:

When I first started acting, I got a lot of acting jobs in just the first couple of months. I attribute that largely to my business experience. I decided I wanted to share what I was doing with others so this is what I did.

I built, which I am proud to say is one of the fastest growing online communities for new actors all over the world.

start an acting career

Acting Career

I also wrote a book, called Acting Career Start-Up: Four Key Factors For Success. It is a practical and hands-on guide to starting an acting career. In this book I take new actors through the entire process of planning out their careers and show them how to take the necessary steps to ensure their success. Two of the highlights of the book are when I explain every little detail of what I did  to get eight acting jobs in the first ten weeks. The other highlight is when I list a series of 21 business skills actors need to have to be successful in this business.

My latest creation is the first of its kind Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course, which is a program that takes new actors step-by-step through the entire process of starting an acting career. Each week for 24 weeks participants receive a 1-1.5 hour video with me explaining each step of the process and actually showing them what they need to do, so that it is clear and easy to understand. If you haven’t already seen it, go check it out. I’m so proud of it. Have a look at what some of the participants are saying about it.

And here is the complete description of the course itself:

start an acting career

Click on the image above for the course description.

So how can I help you?

If you have some experience and just want a resource to lean on and that can give you some more tips and information you might be looking for, then there are a couple of options I can offer you.

1. Do a search here on this blog and maybe you will find what you are looking for.

2. Go to and use the search box. Make sure you switch from google search to, do your search and I’m sure you will find what you are looking for in the hundreds of pages you will find there.

If on the other hand you are new to the business and are not sure what to do to get your acting career started, or maybe you have been at it for a while and are not getting anywhere, no auditions, still no agent, very little or sporadic acting work, then I can offer you the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course. That will surely get you started and having you working in no time.

So, enough about me and what I can do! It’s time to get to work! Go for it! I’m here to help if you need it!



17 thoughts on “Tony: Your Mentor

  1. Tony,

    Just started your home-study course and I am excited! While I am already attending university for acting (stage and screen performance at UNLV), I feel like this will further direct me in the right direction. I look forward to applying your knowledge to the real word!

    – Julet Lindo

  2. hello tony,
    my name is Armando Borrayo i know that this will only teach you how to start your acting career and help you learn the business. but i wanted to know if you also give out tips on acting showing me the right or wrongs home study acting lessons? i’m only 18 and i want to start but i don’t know if i should go to acting studios (plus there way to expensive) that’s why i’m asking this question i’m kinda lost if i should got to acting school but i got high school to attend to. plus i stay in Lancaster,ca should i move to la ? and if this would help me get started should i drop out of high school but don’t give up on it i can always finish it in adult school or something . confused to the max help

    • No I don’t teach acting lessons. Like you said, it’s all about the business. Acting lessons are important. Very important. You need to know how to act, but you also need to learn the business.

      In the first month of The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course you will go through a lot of things that will help you to understand what you should do to get started. We cover EVERYTHING from A-Z. Even if you only decide to stay for the first month in the course, I’m more than 150% sure that it will be the best $37 you will ever invest in your acting career AND, I’m also willing to bet that you will stay on for the whole 6 months. In the first month you will learn how to properly choose the acting school that is right for you as well.

  3. Thank you so much for! It is so helpful and informative! Actingcareerstartup has helped me gain the determination and desire to act, and I look forward to starting the home study course as well as film school.
    Thanks again!
    ~aspiring teenage actress

  4. Hi Tony,
    I’m 15 years old and I really want to act. I’ve always wanted to act since I remember and I fee like this is what I want to do in life. The problem is that I don’t know how to start and also im very shy. Are there any ways to control anxiety and can you give me some other advice as well?
    Thank you so much,

  5. Hi Tony,
    Acting has been my dream since I was 5 years old, well now I’m 15. I just saw this website of yours and it gives me a lot of hope to fulfill my dreams and start making things to do what I really wanna do. But the saddest truth is I have never been into any acting before except for the role plays in our school, I don’t even have an agent, well actually I’m really nobody but that’s not the right reason in giving up on our dreams right? I’m asking for your advice, and I want you to be my mentor… I would be very very glad if you give me some message

  6. Hi tony my name is Jonathan I know what you said in the video is true ever sence I was small I always wanted to be an actor but my family laughed at me and told me that I was crazy they told me that I didn’t have a chance to become an actor but I want to prove them wrong I’m coming to u to help me how to start my business and to have the courage to do all the 3 things u talk about I have been practicing and things but I still need help please help me.
    Thank you hope you can write back and help me
    From Jonathan

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