Pareto and an acting career: How the law of Pareto applies to your acting career

Pareto and an acting career

(I have a suspicion that only those who are really serious about starting an acting career will read all the way to the end of this post.)

I don’t know if you have ever heard about the law of Pareto. Have you?

It basically says that 80% of the results we get in life, comes from 20% of the things we do, our actions. It’s the law of Pareto, often called the 80/20 rule. Let me explain further. I want to explain something and then I promise that I will get to your acting career. OK?

The 80/20 rule in my work

By now you probably already know that I used to work in Nike. I was the sales director for the Italian subsidiary. What we found was that 80% of our revenues (sales) came from just 20% of the products that we sold.
We also found that 80% of our business came from just 20% of our customers.
If you turn that around we would say that 80% or our products that we sold accounted for only 20% of our business. And guess what else? You got it: 80% of our customers accounted for only 20% of our overall revenues.

The 80/20 rule in life

This concept is very similar when it comes to managing our time, the time we invest to achieve the results we want, or rather, the time you invest to do something to get your acting career going.

Think about what your average day looks like and how much time you have a available to focus on your acting career.

The 80/20 rule and your acting career

The point to all this is, that very probably also for you, what you accomplish in 20% or so of the time you invest to further your acting career will get you 80% of the results. Let’s translate that into something more practical.

Lots of people decide to get something done to kick start their acting career. So what do they do? They set some time aside and sit down in front of the computer and go and visit audition websites to see if they can find auditions. Or they navigate the Net to see if they can find addresses to agents that might be able to represent them or try and find someone to introduce them to those agents. Or they put together a couple packages with a picture, a resume and a cover letter inside and send them to a couple of agents and then see what happens. Or they write to people on the internet and ask them to “give them a chance”, because they know they can be great actors. Or they just throw them into acting classes, any acting classes hoping that just being able to be a good actor will be enough to help them to get their acting careers to take off.

It’s the same ol’ thing, but maybe now it’s time to listen

If you have been receiving my emails and tips for a while now, this might sound repetitive, but what I explained above is what happens and I know that it is what does not work. Those who have been doing those things for any length of time know that it is a strategy of starting an acting career that is destined to fail.

Either commit or…

What I say is, either you commit to wanting to start an acting career and do what is necessary or don’t do it at all.

If you really want to start an acting career, then ask yourself this one question: “What is the most important thing that I can do right now that will help me to get the biggest result possible in my acting career?” That’s what you need to do now.

I said it once and I’ll say it again. Study the acting BUSINESS, learn it either from me or from someone else, but LEARN THE BUSINESS. Taking acting classes is ever so important and you must study the craft if you really want to have a career, but being a good actor will get you nowhere unless you know how to sell yourself to the industry. A store owner who has a beautiful store has nothing unless people come into the store and buy what he has to offer. He must know how to get people to come into the store. If not, he will not make money.

Acting is the same. Learn now, how to get into the right school that has the right classes for you, how to make sure you get really good headshots, how learn the techniques that will help you to get an agent or two to represent you, how to build relationships with casting directors so that they will call you in directly for auditions. Learn how to sell yourself and you will reap the rewards. If you learn how to do those things in addition to learning the acting craft, you will put yourself in a position to really have an acting career.


It’s what you do in 20% of your time, if you use that 20% wisely, that will bring you 80% of your start to your acting career, it’s what will make all the difference in the world!

So now, I have just one more question: What are you going to do now? If you don’t know where to learn the business of acting to help you finally get your acting career started, The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course will have you on your “acting” feet in just a couple of months. It will help you to use that little bit of time you have available and get big results, long-lasting results.

Either keep doing what you are doing or try something different. It’s up to you.

Good luck!
If you need me, I’m here.

The dream of becoming an actor: How to get an unfair advantage!

The dream of becoming an actor: How to get an unfair advantage!

In my one-of-a-kind Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course I will actually teach you and above all, SHOW YOU exactly what you need to do on video so that within six months, you can be working as an actor (if you follow what I say and show you). Here are some of the things I did to ensure my early success when I first became interested in acting, maybe just like you are now.

1. the absolute fastest way is to start an acting career
2. what actors can learn from Wall Street investors
3. what the concept of type is all about and why it’s important to know that concept if and only IF you want to realize your dream of becoming an actor
4. what makes a good headshot
5. how to contact talent agents and casting directors and talent agents
6. what you need to know as a foreigner in general if you want to go to the US for any length of time to study acting
7. how to choose the right acting school for you to help you pursue your dream of becoming an actor
8. where the acting schools are in your area
9. how much an acting career will cost you to start and maintain
10. what goes into a good acting cover letter
11. how to properly format your acting resume to keep it from getting trashed, which in turn will help you realize your dream of becoming an actor
12. what to put on your acting resume even if you don’t have experience acting
13. what goes into a good actor reel
14. What the actor unions are all about

That’s a lot of stuff to study, but doing so will give you an unfair advantage over all the others out there trying to become actors like you.

You can either do it alone or I can help you in the Acting Career Quick Start Home Study Course step-by-step.

Let me help you realize your dream of coming an actor in less than 6 months from now. Just think of how long it will take you without any help at all!

What starting an acting career can be like if you work hard

Starting an acting career

Brent Bauer

Acting Career Quick Start Graduate Brent Bauer

If you want to know what it’s like when you really get your acting career going at the beginning, here is a snapshot of what it can be like for you too if you are currently not getting any auditions or acting work and are not sure how to make things happen for yourself. This is one of the continuous updates I get from Brent Bauer, a graduate of the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course.

Hey Tony,     Stating an acting career is a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding. How have you been? Today marked a big day for me in my acting career. I did my first mailing to casting directors and a few agents. It was quite a great feeling walking out of the post office knowing that they were in the mail.  A lot of work was involved with researching each one and including something about them in each cover letter but it was so worth it.  I included my headshot/resume, cover letter, and a self-addressed stamped postcard.  I also just got another role in a movie and just got contacted about being in another project.  Tomorrow, I have an audition as well.  The great thing is that it’s only the beginning.  I really look forward to the journey.  I think one reason why actors fail is that they only look at the destination of making it. They don’t enjoy the ride of getting there.  I am all for the journey; each step I treasure it for what it is.  I recently looked back at everything I’ve accomplished just since taking this course.  It is so awesome to see how far I’ve come along since then.  There’s plenty more to come!

[After a few weeks]

Since the last time, I’ve been doing quite a few projects.  I started a commercial class with a casting director who has a very good reputation in my area and gets quite a bit of work.  Through her, she got me a gig for a local car commercial.  I got a really nice close-up of me in a car!  The commercial has been playing constantly which has been very exciting.  I also did work on a commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods for their holiday commercial.  It was an all night shoot (11pm-7am) but was so worth it.  I also have recently been cast in another film that will be filming the beginning of next year.  Also, I just got representation from an agent and also invited to attend an Open Call with another agency.  A few weeks ago, I also sent my first postcard to all casting directors and agents I sent my info to.  Within the next week, I’ll be sending another postcard to them about my recent updates as well as wishing them a Happy Holiday.

I personally am proud to know that what have created is working for those who are willing to work hard while starting an acting career and follow the program step-by-step as it was meant to be followed.

Good job Brent!

Your Acting Career Mentor