How long does it take to start an acting career?

Ever wonder how long it will take to start an acting career?

Some people say that it all depends if you can get into the right acting audition websites.

Some people will tell you that if you can get someone to introduce you to an agent, you’ll be all set.

Still others will tell you that if you can just get someone to give you that one chance, that you can make it.

Want the real truth? None of those things are true. The real answer of how long it will take to start an acting career has to do with your approach or the method you use. If your approach is the right one, you can get there a lot faster, which means getting a couple of agents to represent you, frequent auditions and regular acting work. On the other hand if you have the wrong approach, it can take you forever to get to where you want to be if you even get there at all. The graph below shows what I mean.

start acting

Which one of these methods are you using to start your acting career?

Lots of Wasted Time and Energy

So many new actors waste a lot of time, energy, hope and money trying to figure things out for themselves. It’s a shame, because statistics say that they don’t get very far. As a matter of fact, anyone who has been trying to get an agent for a long time and hasn’t been able to get one or who has been trying desperately to pick up some auditions by submitting to websites with no success knows what I’m talking about.

The fastest way to get your acting career started

So just how long will it take for you to start your acting career? If you a REALLY good student who can pick up the right book, read it and apply everything that’s in it to get your desired results then great. You can get there faster than the person who tries to figure it all out for himself.

The best way to get the best results in any area of your life including starting an acting career is to find someone who will mentor you. That means finding a person who knows the business, who has already started getting acting work quickly (which is what all new actors want right?), who is able to teach you what you need to know, willing to teach you and who is also someone you can trust.

That’s what the fastest way to get your acting career started is all about: Step-by-step instruction on video with downloadable materials and presentations, personalized email support, monthly coaching calls, mp3 files of all the videos each week. I challenge anyone to find anything like it in the entire industry that you can do like this online and right from your home and no matter what country you are in.

The fastest way to get your acting career started

Child actor: A mother’s question


Hello Tony,

I watched your introduction video today and have seen some information online about
what you do. I was wondering if you think this course is suitable for a child actor
who has absolutely no experience as yet but is very interested in starting a career
in acting.

My son is 11 years of age and has a passion for acting. I have joined up with
‘starnow’ agency and am waiting to have professional photos taken for him for a good
headshot. We have one audition booked so far but we have only been with the agency
for about a week so far.

What kind of help would you recommend for my son?

I hope you can help.

Thank you so much for your time in advance.

ANSWER: See here below. So as not to reveal her name and the name of her son, I will refer to them as “Barbara” and “John”.

Hello Barbara,

First of all, thank you for contacting me and for your
trust that I might be able to answer your question.

I would love to be able to have another person in the program,
but NO, this course is not suitable for an 11 year old, HOWEVER,
if you want to do “whatever you can” to help John, I would strongly
recommend that you take the course.


You see, one of the biggest myths about starting an acting career is that having an agency represent you will get you to stardom or even just get you acting work. Barbara, that is so not true. It takes much more than that. While I truly admire your wanting to help out your son, but I know from many years of experience, that your passion and love for him is not enough. I strongly recommend THAT YOU LEARN THE BUSINESS of acting.
Like I always tell people, you don’t necessarily have to get all the information you need from me and my step-by-step, easy to follow home-study course, but Barbara, if you really want to help your son, I recommend you get that information from somewhere.
You can spend time looking around the internet and asking people to teach you and informing yourself, or you can get it all in one place and have someone take you through all that you need to know, step-by-step.
If you would like to discuss further, let me know.


In the meantime, here are some links for you that might help you.

This one is the sales page for my course.
Scroll down to the bottom and look at what is in each module. Again, whether you take my course or get the information from some other source, realize that it is the information you will need to be well-informed and in a position to help you son in the best way possible.

Here is another link you might find helpful:

What you will find on that link may seem like a lot of good information and it is in my opinion, however, it doesn’t replace step-by-step instruction and monthly coaching sessions on skype. It’s up to you.

Barbara, I’m at your disposal and thank you again for contacting me.
Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck for your son’s acting career.

Creator of
The ActingCareer Quick StartHome-Study Course

Dear John, letter to an aspiring actor




Dear John,

Here’s what I think, not only about acting, but about anything. I believe that passion comes before interest and I’ll tell you why. But first of all, I think you need to do three things if you are really serious about starting an acting career.

What’s more important? Passion or interest?

If I’m passionate about something I can then decide whether I want to pursue it, in other words, whether I’m interested in pursuing it. If I’m interested in pursuing something because of money and fame for example, but I’m not passionate about it, in the end, yes I might make a lot of money, maybe…, but I won’t be happy.

When I was much younger, the concept that it was important to be passionate about something was far from my mind. Now, at my age I realize the the advice one of my college professors gave me was a pearl of wisdom.

I was in my sophomore year trying to decide what to major in. I told this particular professor that I was trying to narrow down my choices, but that I was still stuck between choosing something that would probably take me in the direction in which I could make lot of money and the other choice was something that I really liked.

He told me, “Tony, choose what you love, do your best to be as good at it as you can. If you do that, then the money will come”.

Many years later I know that it is true what he said.

Can you make a lot of money doing something you don’t particularly like?

Does that mean that you can’t make a lot of money doing something you are not passionate about? No. You can. But what I have found is that life is short. The years go by so quickly. You will run into so many people who wake up every morning and who are not happy doing what they are doing. They’re just working and they can’t wait until Friday arrives. I can also tell you this. If you want to get into acting to make a lot of money, I would strongly suggest you do something else. Could it happen. Yes, of course. But that’s not the question. The real question is, “Is it likely to happen?” The answer to that question is a resounding no. The chances of one becoming rich from acting is much less than 1%.

I’ve found that there is much more to life than that. And I also believe and I’ve proved it, that if you love what you do and you work really hard and smart, that you can make money, above average money or even more. How much you make is up to you.

The key for me is 1) to do something I love 2) to help people while I’m doing that 3) and to get paid well for doing things 1 and 2.


So, it sounds to me that you want to act, but I’m not sure you want to do it for the right reasons Michael. Acting is a tough business and it’s the passion that will get you through the many tough times you will inevitably have to go through.

I would love to have felt good about telling you to invest in my home-study course, but based on what you told me, I am not sure that would be a good investment for you at this point.


If you were my brother I would tell you to think hard about your choice for the career you want and to think about what it is you really and truly love to do.

If you decide on acting, then yes I would look for a mentor. I can be one for you if you like, but I want to see you convinced about this choice before you give me your money to sign up for the home-study course. I’m not one of those people who is willing to take anyone’s money. I don’t need that John.

Also remember that getting a mentor is good, but you might need more than one mentor. If your former acting teacher only knows acting, as in the craft, that in itself won’t be enough. You’ll need more than that. You’ll need the business side of it as well. That will make all the difference in the world.

I’m here if you have anymore questions.


If you really want to get your acting career started and you are really serious, then come to me and I will help you. But, I will tell you now, that if you are not serious, then please don’t contact me. I can help you get your acting career off to a great start and give you the tools to get auditions and work continuously, but I don’t want to waste my time with people who don’t want to put in the work and do what’s necessary. If you want to do the work, I will help you and you will get results.
The fastest way to start an acting career

What do you think? What come’s first Interest or Passion?

11 Myths of starting an acting career

Starting an acting career: 11 myths

In addition, many, not all of those people on the left have unrealistic expectations. They think that:

Acting Career Myth #1
– all you have to do is get an agent and you will be set for life: The people who have been trying that for any amount of time already know that it doesn’t work.

Acting Career Myth #2
– all you have to do is get “that one chance” to act in a film and your career will take off: Same thing goes for this point.

Acting Career Myth #3
– all you have to do is to get into a situation in which you will “be discovered” and all will be well: Same thing goes for this point.

Acting Career Myth #4
– you don’t need to take acting classes, because you think you already “have what it takes” to become an actor. After all, everyone tells you that!: The best actors in the world continue to study the craft. Why shouldn’t a brand new actor do it?

Acting Career Myth #5
– you will be able to get all the information and know-how you need to start an acting career at ZERO COST, in other words, without paying anyone anything: Many of these people even believe that anyone who charges you money to give advice (acting career coaches for example) that they are scams.

Acting Career Myth #6
– if you don’t already live there, all you have to do is to show up in LA/Hollywood and things will start to happen for you: The acting business is called “show business” for a reason. It’s not called “show up” and it’s not called “show off”. It’s called show “business” for a reason. Simply being in LA or Hollywood puts you in the lion’s den. If you don’t know how to maneuver, you will be eaten alive!

Acting Career Myth #7
– all you really need in the way of headshots is to get a friend to take some pictures of them.: One of the biggest mistakes that new actors make is getting headshots too soon, before they are ready. As a consequence, the headshots are just plain bad, of poor quality and end up doing more damage than good. You have to know how to choose a headshot photographer. What makes a good headshot and how to make sure that you and your headshot photographer can get that for you!

Acting Career Myth #8
– the first thing to do to start an acting career is to get a headshot, write a quick cover letter and put together a resume, stuff it in an envelope and send it out to one, maybe two agents and then sit back and wait for the phone to ring: Again, those who have been trying that already know that it doesn’t work. It’s important to know what to put on the resume, how to format it, how to write the cover letter and also to know what to do after you have sent out that first package. There are at least 7 to 12 more things to do. You must know what they are. Lastly, it is a MUST to know what you can expect to get as a percentage of responses from your mailings. Here’s a hint: sending out two or three packages won’t get it!

Acting Career Myth #9
– all that is necessary to start an acting career is to be a good actor.: There are lots of good actors who never work, because they don’t know how to get seen by the right people. You MUST know that if you want to have a successful acting career.

Acting Career Myth #10
– if you don’t live in LA, for example, you will be able to just fly over there and back anytime you get an audition. Not true, but there are some things you can do if you don’t live there.

Acting Career Myth #11
– getting that first acting job, means that your acting career will be set for life!: If you believe that, then it means you don’t know what really to expect from your acting career nor do you know what day to day life for an actor trying to get work is. There are three things you need to do first before you start looking for an acting job.

In The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course we go through all those things and more to help people get their acting careers started off in the right direction. If you believed in any of those 11 acting career myths…until now, then I invite you to reflect on this question. What are you going to do now?
You can change all that starting today.

Acting Career Quick Start: A Very Important Question!

Get ready for this very important question!

You can learn from examples like Wes Cantrell, graduate of The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course and stellar student who followed everything we did to the letter. He is also an affiliate. He, like the hundreds of other students in the course, paid $37 per month for the course for a total of $222, BUT he has already made back his money seven fold! To be clear, I have counted 7 sales from him. That means that he has earned $1,554 from promoting the Home-Study Course.
You must be ready to answer one of the most important questions that your contact could possibly ask you, which is this:

“If Tony’s Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course is so good, have YOU taken it?”
What will help you to sell to your contacts is if YOU yourself have taken the course. Just like Wes Cantrell, you will then be able to talk about specific parts of the course and about your experience in participating, about how your coaching calls with Tony are and more importantly, about how the course has helped you to start your acting career. If you can’t do that, then you are just shooting in the dark, and what’s more, it will be difficult for you to be credible.

There are three other ways that you could possibly be credible at promoting the home-study course if you haven’t taken it.

1. If you have already had a long acting career and truly have no need for it. You have already learned and applied the things that you see on the presentation and video page of and want to suggest to someone new to the business to go and get this information from Tony.

2. You are a reputable industry source for actors: casting director, talent agent, acting teacher, have an acting school, acting coach, etc. and want to refer your students and actors to this course, telling them that you have studied the presentation page and been on my mailing list for sometime now and see how I communicate.

3. You were once interested in starting an acting career, but no longer have the desire to do so. You have a contact who you know is very interested and can recommend to them to just “check out” what Tony is doing. “It may be or may not be something for you. Go check it out and put yourself on his mailing list and then see what you think”.

Sending out an email and then making a quick follow-up call or sending out another mail and then making money is one of the coolest things I can think of. What about you?

If you wanna make some extra money to help start your acting career or for whatever reason, let me help you. Get in the course, learn, apply what you learn and then make money telling people about the results you’ve achieved. That’s what Wes Cantrell did and that’s why he’s so successful. Think about it.

Click on this link now to start making some easy money!

Wanna make some extra money?

Wanna make some extra money? Let me help you!

Calling all those who love acting and who want to make some extra money!: See here below to find out how to do it.

I don’t know if you have already visited this page to sign up for my affiliate program. Once you leave your name and email address on that list, you will be taken to a page that will:

1. give you instructions on how to very easily get your clickbank affilate link to promote my product (You will then want to instruct the people on your list to click on that affiliate link that you will send them via email or display on your website, blog, etc. When someone then clicks on that link and goes on to purchase the program, you will then receive a 50% commission on the sale.)

2. give you some great, easy-to-use affiliate tools that you can use to promote the course. On that affiliate tools page that you will be sent to, you will find a vast array of instruments and tools you can use to promote the course. In addition, each week usually, I send out an email with tips and advice as you have already been receiving, that you could then forward to your friends or people on your mailing list. BUT you must first change the link in my email to your affiliate link, so that you make sure you get credit for the potential sale.

A win/win/win situation!

Imagine this.
• You send out an email, not just to anyone, but to someone who could REALLY and/or potentially be interested in starting an acting career AND who you believe would have some money to invest in him/herself to get started.
• The email you send will have a link in it with your affiliate code, which means that the person you send it to clicks on it and is taken to just as you once were. They sign up for the mailing list and are taken to the free video page that explains the contents of the home-study course. Remember?
• They think about it for a few days or maybe even a couple of weeks, because they understandably want to better understand who Tony is and how he communicates before they decide to invest money ($1.23 per day by the way!).

(Remember I told you that one of the things we cover in the home-study course is that when making contact with industry professionals such as casting directors and agents, you will need to set up a process that allows you to have on the average anywhere from 8 – 12 contacts with them in order to have a better chance of them calling you in. In the course I tell you exactly how to do that. Well, in online marketing and selling it is the same. People don’t usually want to buy something from someone right away from someone they don’t know. So they wait to get to know that person better. How do I make that possible then for people to know me better? By sending out tips, advice, videos, newsletters, mails with HIGH-QUALITY and VALUABLE AND PRACTICAL information that I know they want and can use and above all, that WILL ABSOLUTELY help them. In all my communication I always want to shine through the fact that I am professional and honest and have a true desire to help people who want to start an acting career. That, coupled with the high-quality information, makes for a recipe for success, that you, by the way, can tap into simply by sending out one email!)
• While your contact is still thinking, they receive those emails from me (the ones I mentioned above) regularly with those valuable tips and advice. As you know, if you have been on this list for any length of time, those ARE indeed valuable and practical tips, however, anyone who is really serious and wants to get their acting career started as quickly as possible, will want to sign up for the home-study course, because it is the only existing step-by-step program that takes you by the hand and walks you through every single thing you need to do to get your acting career started as quickly as possible.
• Maybe by this time you still haven’t yet received an automated email from clickbank telling you that you have a sale, so what do you do?
• After a couple of weeks, you make a phone call to that person and ask them what they think of the home-study course and of Tony and of the program that he has put together. See what they say. If they tell you something that you are not prepared to answer, you can always contact ME. Maybe I will be able to help you answer their question. I’m always available to help you. Why? Because my helping you is in both our interests! And what’s more, it gives both of us the chance to really help someone else.
• After just a few more days, your contact is convinced and purchases The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course and you receive an email from clickbank with this in the subject line:
• CB RB Sale! And guess what you have done. You now will have money coming in
automatically without lifting another finger! How cool is that?

It’s a win/win/win situation. You win. Your contact wins. And I win, because you have helped me to get the word out about the increasingly popular Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course.

BUT, if you really want to make some extra money in the easiest way possible, then you will want to be able to answer one VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION from your contact to whom you send out the email. If you can’t answer this question in the right way, you will diminish your chances of making a sale. Click here to find out what that question is.

The difference between actingcareerquickstart and actingcareerstartup

QUESTION from a young aspiring actor who is contemplating investing in The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course: What’s the difference between your two websites and


Hi C,

Here is the difference between actingcareerquickstart and actingcareerstartup is completely free, with almost 500 pages of information
that you have to sift through and figure out. It’s often used by people/actors
who know what precise information they want, they go get it and leave. Some use the site to study the acting business and to learn what they need to do to get their acting careers started. All the information is there, you just have to look around and find it. is the home-study course in which I walk
students through the entire process of starting an acting career from a-z.
Show them how to do everything and explain why it’s important, plus there
are the coaching calls, the personalized headshot and marketing eval with
questions on how to get themselves noticed in the industry. The ultimate
goal for those who go through the program is to be up and operational as
an actor within the six months. If one follows all the steps and is
committed, it is definitely possible, just like these guys did:

Here’s what usually happens:

My experience tells me that most people who go for the free informational
website even after a year of looking around that site, are no better off
than they are when they start. That’s the reason I created the home-study
course. People who follow that program have what I call, an unfair
advantage over the vast majority of starry-eyed people who think that all
they have to do is find someone to introduce them to an agent, get
discovered or just start looking for auditions on the internet. Those
folks don’t get anywhere.

The people I feel really bad for

There are also the ones who are naive and think that all they have to do is be diligent and take lots of acting classes to become really good actors, study hard and then miraculously something good will happen. (I really feel bad for those people, because they really don’t understand and they are living in a world that doesn’t exist.) They also don’t get very far, because they fail to realize that what’s going to make the difference is learning the business of acting, starting to understand why they call it SHOW business and knowing how to take control of your own destiny to ensure that not only they get an agent or two to represent them and send them out on auditions REGULARLY, because those agents believe in them, but that they also learn how to build relationships in the industry with casting directors and other industry professionals that will call them directly for auditions. An actor needs to know how to be able to get auditions for themselves and how to work in tandem with his/her agent. The vast majority of actors simply don’t know how to do those things, which is one of the reasons why most aspiring actors never make it.

You can’t please everybody!

What I always say is that McDonalds isn’t for everybody. Not everyone likes to eat there, but they have to eat somewhere if they want to keep on living. Not everyone likes Nike shoes, but they have to buy their shoes from some company that makes shoes, because they need shoes. Not everyone wants an IPhone made by Apple, but just about everyone needs a phone and so they have to buy a phone from some other company other than Apple. The point is that you can’t please everyone. They are all extremely successful companies with excellent, high-quality and reputable products, but not everybody wants them.

Where to get this information all in one place?

You might or might not want to take my Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course, which is also a good product, complete with all the information you need to start your acting career and created by someone who has already done what you are trying to do. And it works. BUT, just like McDonalds, Nike and Apple, maybe you don’t like my style, maybe you feel that for some reason this isn’t for you, but if you really want to START A SUCCESSFUL ACTING CAREER then you will NEED to get all this information that I provide from someone else in the acting industry. The thing is, that you will be hard-pressed to find someone who will give it all to you in a simple and easy-to-understand way and who actually shows you what you need to do, gives it to you on video, mp3, coaching calls, email responses to all your questions and all in one spot.

2 Questions for you in closing

Now you have two questions to answer for yourself.
1. How badly do you really want to start an acting career or get your failing acting career off the ground?
2. Now that you’ve read this email, what are you going to do?

I hope to have answered your question C, about the difference between actingcareerquickstart and actingcareerstartup. Know that if you need me, I’m here to help.

Learning the business of acting: what it means, how it can help your career start and…why still so many aspiring actors still don’t get it…

How to learn the business of acting

The business of acting is an important concept to know and is also, my experience tells me, one of the single most overlooked concepts among new actors. Why? I think there are five major reasons for that.

Before we get into the five main reasons why people don’t learn the business, here is something to think about. Why do you think they call it show BUSINESS and not show ACTING or show UP? There’s a reason why they call it show business, because that’s what it is. Only those people who truly understand that concept and apply it have a real chance of being successful

1. Learning the business of acting is something that most people aspiring to start an acting career don’t understand. Traditional thinking is that all you have to do to start an acting career is to get an agent and start auditioning. So – not – true.

    Learning the business of acting means learning how to get yourself known in the acting industry by building relationships with casting directors and talent agents

who will know who you are and who will CALL YOU, which is different from always trying to contact them and hoping desperately that someone will call you! It’s how you will get auditions regularly and frequently and also get frequent acting work. That is much different from just waking up one day, deciding you want to become an actor, getting some pictures taken, putting them on the web and submitting yourself for auditions. In 99.9% of all cases, that method doesn’t work. If you have been trying that for some time now, then you painfully understand what I’m saying.

People ask me all the time to “find them an audition”. What I’m trying to say is, that if you let me teach you the business of acting step-by-step in an easy-to-understand way, you won’t need me to find you auditions. You’ll be able to find auditions all by yourself and lots of them!

2. Another reason why the concept of learning the business of acting isn’t practiced is because most people, most human beings in general in every aspect of life want a big result without doing much work. Learning the business takes work, but it is time well invested. Once you learn how to promote yourself, how to sell yourself, how to get noticed or how to “get discovered”, it becomes part of how you work, it becomes part of who you are and the results will speak for themselves.

    That means that if you learn the business well and are disciplined at applying its principles, you will have more contacts with casting directors, you will have at least one agent if not more AND you will be auditioning, not just once in a while, but REGULARLY and you will get more acting jobs AND you will make more money.

It’s that simple.

3. A third reason I’ve discovered why most people don’t bother trying to learn the business even if they do understand the concept is, because they have this illusion that it isn’t necessary.

    They believe that a shining light will come from the sky and touch them and they will be discovered and suddenly, with no acting experience, begin working as an actor along side some of Hollywood’s finest actors.

I’ve been trying for years now to discourage people from this kind of thinking, but every year, more people will contact me and ask how they can “just get started”, because someone told them that “they have what it takes”. Fortunately I’ve been able to convince hundreds that if they want to be successful at starting their acting careers, they need to learn how things work in the acting industry. Here are just some examples.

4. One more reason why people don’t bother to learn or to even try and learn the business of acting is, because they think it’s too difficult.

    It takes time, but it isn’t difficult. It can be so easy, if you just learn how to do it.

These are just some of the things you will need to know how to do well when you learn the business of acting.

5. So many people think that getting noticed by casting directors and talent agents or “getting discovered” as it is so often called, is really all about “who you know”.

    What they don’t realize is that it’s really all about
    “who wants to know you”!

To find out who wants to know you, you have to put your best foot forward and make them WANT to know you. So how do you do that? That’s why you need to learn the business of acting!

So what does all this mean?

It means that now that you have listened to my version (which is the version about learning the acting business that any serious actor or professional in the acting industry will give you), you are now conscious of the truth and now you have to make a conscious decision about how you want to start your acting career. Here are some things to consider on making your decision. If you:

a. have been trying for any amount of time to “just” start out by trying to get an agent by
sending out headshots and resumes and you are not getting any responses,
b. have been submitting yourself for auditions online, but not getting called in,
c. are getting one audition every couple of weeks, months or once a year and that’s all,
d. have no contacts with talent agents, casting directors or directors,
e. have no talent agent representation,
f. have no experience acting and haven’t taken any acting classes and furthermore, don’t believe
that taking acting classes is necessary,

then you need to look at yourself in the mirror ask yourself one question.

“Where will my acting career be six months or a year from now if I keep doing the same things I have been doing to get started?”

Just in case you don’t know the answer to that question, I already know what the answer is. As a matter of fact, I am so sure of what they answer is that

    I’m willing to bet you some money,

that you won’t be any better off then than you are now. You won’t be any further along.

So, having said that, you have one more question to ask yourself IF you really are serious about starting an acting career and that question is:

“What am I going to do now to really get my acting career started quickly?”

If you want to get started and are not sure what this learning the acting business thing is all about and why it is so important and exactly what you will have to do to make sure you start getting regular work as an actor, then I am sure that I can help you.

In my one-of-a-kind Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Program I will actually teach you and above all, SHOW YOU exactly what you need to do on video so that within six months, you can be working as an actor (if you follow what I say and show you). Here are some people who have taken the plunge and who are enjoying success.


p.s. Let me know what you think about what you just read and leave a comment here below.

Typical Acting Question from a 19-year-old

Typical Acting Question after receiving one of my articles with some acting career tips and advice.


Hi Tony, I saw your article. I think you can help me. Can you send me more information through the mail. And here is my telephone number XXX-XXX-XXXX can you please call me?

I get a few of these kinds of questions each week, so I thought I would create a standard answer to this typical acting question. Here it is.


Hello John,

What would you like me to send? You are already on my my mailing list, so that means you receive tips and advice on starting an acting career each week from me. Those tips are not designed to give you everything you need to know to get started, but to just give you a few tips here and there. The real meat is in my home-study course. Everything I do is done online.
There’s no need for a phone call. I only speak directly with people who are signed up for The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course. That’s part of the package (monthly one on one coaching calls).

What is it that you need help with?

You have two possibilities with me (answer to the typical acting question).

Response number 1 to the typical acting question:

1. free information that you read through and figure out for yourself. It’s all there in some 500 pages. You just have to be disciplined and sit down look for what you want, read through it and then try and work through everything. There’s no guide and no one to tell you if you are doing the right thing, etc.

Response number 2 to the typical acting question:

2. The Acting Career Quick Start Home Study Course: Your investment is $37 per month for six months (= $1.23 per day, the price of a cup of coffee) and you get step-by-step instruction with regard to your acting career. You will know exactly what you need to do and be shown exactly how to do it and when. The goal if you are diligent in following the instructions (that you can go back and have access to anytime you want and for as long as you want), is that you can be working as an actor regularly within the six months.

As a response to the typical acting question many people try and save money and opt for the first solution with the free information. What they don’t realize is that it takes a lot of work to sift through all that information and figure it out. The people in the home-study course realize how much easier it is to have someone guide you through the whole process of starting an acting career step-by-step.

So there is no need to speak on the phone John. All you have to do is decide which one of the two options you want to go with.

This is by far the best answer that I could possibly give to this typical acting question.


Improvisation acting and starting an acting career

Improvisation acting …and what you can learn about starting an acting career

If you don’t mind, I have a couple of questions for you.

Do you know what improvisation acting is? Have you ever taken improv acting classes?
Improvisational acting sometimes called improv is a form of acting that is actually created in the moment. That means there is no planning involved. It means doing whatever comes to mind in the moment.

Now, if you practice improvisation acting that enough, you can get to become good at it, but you still need a base. Taking acting classes and learning how to become good at improve is essential. Taking acting classes to learn how to “be in the moment” is essential. Taking acting classes to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin is essential.

So what’s this mean to starting an acting career?

Great, so that’s improvisation acting. What’s that have to do with starting an acting career?
It is a metaphor. You see, many people choose to improvise in their efforts to start their acting careers. 99% of the time it doesn’t work. Why? Because the people who do that, for the most part have no base to start from. They are starting from scratch, have no practice at improvising this type of thing and as a result, they get nowhere. No industry contacts. No agent. No auditions and guess what else? No acting jobs. So what to do about it if that is your situation?

Having a plan for starting your acting career is much better and will increase your chances of success!

Plan to start your acting career. That’s right. Plan. Planning is important and there are several things you need to do to start to plan your successful start to your acting career. First, there are the three things you see in this video. I could write them again, but it is much more effective if you watch me talk about them. So, first you need to do those three things and then you need to dig into each one of them.

Learn the business!

Learning the business of acting is so, so important and it’s so ridiculous that many people don’t want to take the time to do that. Why? Because in the age of reality television and America’s Got Talent, people think that they can just show up and get lucky and…make it. It happens only in about 0.00001% of the time. That’s how many people are out there trying for the same thing you do. Learning the business means learning how to get noticed, how to get yourself on the radar of casting directors and talent agents. It means learning how to get yourself auditions whether you have an agent or not. It means knowing what the industry expects of you and giving them what they want! It means learning how to sell yourself and market yourself in the industry.

To beat out your competition, you need to…

Remember this. If you really want to beat out your competition, all you have to do is to work harder and smarter than they do. To beat out most of your competition in the acting world, all you have to do, besides learning the craft and doing it for the right reasons, is learn the business. Learning the business of acting will help you understand that if you really want results, you can’t improvise. Getting auditions repeatedly and building relationships with casting directors and talent agents is not likely to happen if you approach it like you do improvisation acting or just trying to figure out what to do in the moment.

This is what I did.

My approach which helped me get myself submitted for more than 200 auditions, actually get to audition 37 times, get 10 acting jobs and make a little more than $4,000 in less than 3 months, is all about learning the business of acting. It sounds like a daunting thing, but it’s really not that difficult if you just have a method.

That’s what the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course is all about. It’s a step-by-step video series that not only tells you what to do, but actually shows you what you need to do to finally start your acting career. So, if you want to stop treating starting your acting career like improvisation acting, then learn the business side of it and you will see that your world will change right before your very eyes. You’ll finally start to experience what working as an actor is really all about. Just think how good that will feel.

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