How to build an acting resume with no experience: 21 Questions

How to build an acting resume if you have no or little acting experience

21 Questions

If you want to know how to do that, there are some things you need to think about first. It could make sense to build an acting resume even if you don’t have any experience, BUT you need to think it through first.

Put together a longer-term plan and THEN start thinking about what you need to do. My experience tells me that if you have no acting experience that it is very unlikely that the first thing to think about is how to put together a resume.

Let’s say you have little or no acting experience and you insist on working to build a resume. The questions that I would then have for you would be:

1. Then what will you do with that actor resume of yours? Do you know who to send it to?
2. Do you know how to format it?
3. Do you know what else needs to accompany it and how it needs to be packaged to make sure you get the best chance for a good result?
4. Do you then know what to do if you don’t get a response?
5. Do you know what the average response rate is of sending out packages with resumes and actor headshots in them, especially if they are unsolicited?
6. Do you know how to follow up after sending a resume?
7. Do you know what the people you will send it to will be expecting of you?
8. Do you know what to expect from that first meeting with an agent or casting director?
9. Will you be ready for them to call you in?
10. Do you have any acting experience at all?
11. Have you taken any acting classes or at the very least, do you have a solid acting technique to fall back on?
12. Do you know how to audition and do you know that auditioning and acting are two different things?
13. If there isn’t much going on in the way of acting in your town, then who will you send your resume to?
14. You will undoubtedly then have to send that resume to someone in a town far from you. Are you prepared to fly over to that place to meet them? Are you willing and able financially to fly to meet them or to audition?
15. Are you aware of what the costs will be to fly for one audition?
16. Do you have the money to be able to do that?
17. What then if you get a call-back after the first audition? Will you be able to fly back again for that? Then what will you do if you get the job? If it’s a theatre job, it may last for weeks or maybe even months and the pay might not be that great. Will you be able to sustain that cost while working?
18. If it’s a commercial shoot, the shoot might only be a day or two. You’ll have to spend the night, eat, another flight. Will you be able to handle that?
19. If it is for a film, it depends on what kind of role you get. Chances are, with no experience you can hope for a cameo or an extra role at best, unless you are a true exception to the rule. In that case, it is very possible that your cost of flying there, hotel, food, etc. will far exceed what you will be paid for the shoot. Will you be able to handle that?
20. Do you have a plan for your acting career?
21. Do you know how to create a plan that you are likely to achieve?

The real question is really not whether you will be able to handle those costs and that kind of activity, but rather DOES IT REALLY MAKE SENSE? My answer to that question is NO.

Being hopeful is smart. Being ONLY hopeful is not!

That’s what a whole lot of people hope for. It’s wishful, short-term thinking. The thought process behind that is that all they need is a break and then everything will work out. It doesn’t work that way. The question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to get just one audition, one acting job of any kind or do you want to have a career and get acting auditions and work regularly and rely only on acting to make your living? That’s the question you need to answer.

It all depends on what you want.

If you just want to get that first audition, then keep doing what you are doing and thinking like you are thinking. If you want a career, then you NEED to start thinking differently or there is a really good chance that you will never, ever become an actor who has done anything other than school or community theatre plays in your local town.

Do it right.

Take the time to do things right and you will see, that with patience, you will be a lot further ahead and a lot smarter in just six months from now. If you continue with this kind of thinking, the chances are…, NO! I’M WILLING TO BET, that in six months or a year or two years from now, you will be no further along than you are now. I don’t mean to be mean, it’s my experience talking.

If after all this, you insist and want to build an acting resume, then I can help you in two different ways. Get that information as part of The Home-Study Course or pick and choose the information about how to build an acting resume you need, which will take you a lot longer to figure out for yourself. It’s up to you.

I hope that you will make the right decision about whether to keep thinking about your resume or start thinking long-term about your acting career. It’s for the best.