Is The Acting Career Quick Start Program good in countries outside the US?

“Is this Home-Study Course good in markets and countries outside the United States?”

The Acting Career Quick Start Home Study Course is also good and 100% applicable in other countries around the world. You see, there are certain things that are common to all actors no matter where you live. Of the 24 weeks of video and course material, there are 2 weeks where a PART of them are specific to the USA and some of the other countries in the world where the acting industry is flourishing.

They are:

1. Actor Unions: When we talk about actor unions. The course focuses mainly on the major unions in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. At the same time, however, this is an area that can be easily adapted to your market. In this case you would take what you learned and go and apply that to the unions in your market.

2. Trade Papers and Online Resources: The other section that is more specific to some of those countries listed here above is the part about trade papers and online resources, which is in module 2. Again, this info represents only a part of that week’s video and would then need to be tailored to one’s own market.

With regard to the rest of the material, as I said before it is 100% applicable to the different markets around the world. Having said that, there might be some subtleties that need to be adapted, but by and large the Home-Study Course is for actors all over the world.

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