Audition for acting jobs: Question: How to audition for acting jobs?

How to audition for acting jobs

Q & A with Tony: How to audition for acting jobs

Here is the question I received from a young man named John.

I was wondering, how can you tell that a agent or a audition is a scam?
Also, how can I enter a audition and access my inner objects and motivation on the spot?
Lastly, What do I do about physicality during an audition?


Hello John,

With regard to accessing your inner objects and knowing what physicality to use, you need to take acting classes that will help you with all that. The mere fact that you asked me that question tells me that you are not ready to audition.

Take acting classes first before you start trying to audition John. Trust me.
If you continue to pursue acting auditions without taking classes, thinking that someone will discover you and then everything will be ok, you are just alluding yourself. Think about this. Once you get an acting job, you have to be able to keep it. If the director has to tell you how to access your inner self and coach you on set to do what you should already know how to do, he will get upset with the casting director who cast you and he will get upset with you and you’ll get fired.

It’s a long journey, but one well worth the while if you are really into it. Here are one video I highly recommend you watching:

and this link for you to read:

You aren’t the only one to ever ask me this question. Many before you have asked similar questions. Now let me tell you what many will do after reading this answer. Many will go and look on the internet and try to find other people who will tell them what they want to know and then they will be happy and discard the information that I have given them. They might even find people who will tell them where they can audition, maybe even sell them stuff like audition website subscriptions, which I already know will be a complete waste of money. But for the moment they will be happy until they find out that what I said was true. One day then, maybe when it is too late, they will figure out that they needed to take classes after all. At that point usually too much time has passed by and they lost interest in acting.

Don’t let that happen to you. If you really love acting John, then go about it the right way. There are no short cuts.

Let me know if you have other questions.

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