Acting Goals: 5 questions + 5 reasons why most people never achieve their goals

Acting Goals:
5 important questions for actors + 5 reasons why most people never achieve their goals

I decided to make this video for all of you, my friends at for the beginning of this new year. Why? Because it’s the time for New Year’s messages. You know, the ones that say, “I hope you achieve your dreams” and stuff like that. Well, I wanted to create a video for you that tells you how to reach your dreams, whatever they are, acting or anything else. But let’s focus on your acting career.

Before you look at the video here below, think about these questions BEFORE YOU SET NEW ACTING GOALS that you once again risk not achieving, start to think about why you haven’t achieved those goals and how you can increase your chances of achieving the new ones you set for yourself. Here are the questions to help you think about your acting goals.


a. Where were you in your acting career, with regard to your acting goals 12 months ago? Think about it. On a scale from 1 – 10 where were you? 1 means that you were nowhere, no acting auditions, didn’t know what to do, no agent, not in acting school. Nothing. 10 means that you were a successful working actor making a full-time living only from acting. Where were you 12 months ago?

b. Where are you today with regard to your acting goals, in your acting career? On a scale from 1 – 10 where are you? Think about it. If you are here reading this, then I can only imagine where you must be, but that’s ok. Just keep reading. 1 means you are still nowhere, no better off than you were last year this time. 10 means that you have made significant progress, at the top of your game. Where are you?

c. Are the things that you have been doing over the last 12 months to start your acting career actually, to reach your acting goals working for you? Are they helping you to get auditions, get an agent, learn the business, learn how to get casting directors to call you in for auditions, get acting auditions, etc.?

d. Where will you be in your acting career 12 months from today if you keep doing those things? In other words if what you have been doing to reach your acting goals is working and you are getting results, then of course you will want to keep doing those things. If on the other hand, those things that you have been trying are NOT working for you, then I ask you, where will you be in 12 months if you keep doing them? That brings me to the last question.

e. Now that you have thought about where you were 12 months ago in your acting career, the things you have been doing to start your acting career and whether they are working for you or not, now the question is, what are you going to do?

VIDEO: 5 Characteristics your goals need to have = 5 reasons why most people never achieve their goals

NOW you can start thinking about your acting goals that you want to set for yourself for this year. Now is the time, after you have thought about what you have done, what’s worked and what didn’t. Now you can set new acting goals in a smarter and more intelligent way, avoiding the same old mistakes and increase your chances for success. How do you do that?

When you set goals of any kind for anything you want to achieve in life, you will want to make sure that there are 5 characteristics that your goals have. In other words, there are 5 mistakes that people make when setting goals that end up being the reason why most people never achieve those goals they set. That’s what this video is all about. It could be a great time investment for you I like to be concrete and practical and so I will share this video with you.


One last thing. Remember that big goals are made up of little goals. Don’t try and set one big, huge goal, because you risk being disappointed because you can’t achieve it all at once. Setting goals that are too big can be overwhelming. Break your big goal down into little, bite-sized chunks, each of which are easier to reach by themselves. Reach each little goal one by one and you will see that you will slowly make progress to achieving your bigger goal.

In conclusion

The key to achieving your acting goals is this. If you have been doing things over the last 12 months that have been helping you, then keep doing them. Congratulations.
If you have been doing things over the last 12 months that have not been helping you, then you have two choices. Either keep doing them and getting nowhere, or change something.
If you want to change something towards meeting your acting goals, The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Video Course could be exactly what you need to finally start doing the right things in the right order and finally getting your acting career off the ground!

I not only wish for you that you achieve your dreams in this New Year, I also hope to have showed you how to make them come true. All the best!

If you know someone who could benefit from this information, please pass it on.


Fellow Actor
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Acting in commercials: Can you make much money?

Acting in commercials:
Can you make much money?

Tony here from the Acting Career Quick Start Video Home-Study Course.

A buddy of mine and I were in LA interviewing acting industry professionals for you! There is so much information out there and some of it is better to get “straight from the horse’s mouth” as they say.

We took the camera guy with us in the car and had a little talk about acting in commercials and also about how much money you can make, which is just one of the many ways there are to use your acting skills. I thought it might be kind of cool to show you this video and include you in on our little talk about acting in commercials. There are a couple of little tidbits of information in it that you might find interesting.

The guy in the video with me, (the guy driving) is Robert Presley Jr., a friend of mine who I met in my acting conservatory in New York. We took some of the same classes there at the Ward Studio. Since Rob knows LA very well from having lived there for several years, when we took the trip, I decided to let him drive.

Anyway, here is the video in which we talk about acting in commercials. Check it out.

In this next video about acting in commercials, I talked with a guy who has been acting for a long time and whose approach is about breaking into the acting business through commercials. His name is Mike Pointer and has a business teaching acting in LA, called Hey I Saw Your Commercial. He talks about the fact that there is a lot of money to be made there and the best thing is that you actually work less and earn more in proportion to the actual work you do. He talks about residuals and how actors get paid after acting in commercials. Have a look at this video.

Whatever you decide to do, whatever way you decide to get into the acting business, just remember, you will need to learn the business of acting. Yes, even if you want to start by acting in commercials. Why? Because you MIGHT get that big, national commercial and make a lot of residual income (even though residual contracts are becoming increasingly less common), but to continue your career and accelerate your chances for success, you will need to learn the business, which means learn how to get yourself noticed, how to build relationships in the acting industry, learn how to get auditions REGULARLY and FREQUENTLY and as a result, learn how to get acting work FREQUENTLY and stay employed as an actor, which I’m hoping that given you are reading this, that it is something that you really want to do in your life!

In The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Video Course we cover what you need to know about acting in commercials and more AND I will help you to better understand what you need to do to get your acting career off the ground and actually show you how to do it, so that you can accelerate the start of your acting career.

Audition for acting jobs: Question: How to audition for acting jobs?

How to audition for acting jobs

Q & A with Tony: How to audition for acting jobs

Here is the question I received from a young man named John.

I was wondering, how can you tell that a agent or a audition is a scam?
Also, how can I enter a audition and access my inner objects and motivation on the spot?
Lastly, What do I do about physicality during an audition?


Hello John,

With regard to accessing your inner objects and knowing what physicality to use, you need to take acting classes that will help you with all that. The mere fact that you asked me that question tells me that you are not ready to audition.

Take acting classes first before you start trying to audition John. Trust me.
If you continue to pursue acting auditions without taking classes, thinking that someone will discover you and then everything will be ok, you are just alluding yourself. Think about this. Once you get an acting job, you have to be able to keep it. If the director has to tell you how to access your inner self and coach you on set to do what you should already know how to do, he will get upset with the casting director who cast you and he will get upset with you and you’ll get fired.

It’s a long journey, but one well worth the while if you are really into it. Here are one video I highly recommend you watching:

and this link for you to read:

You aren’t the only one to ever ask me this question. Many before you have asked similar questions. Now let me tell you what many will do after reading this answer. Many will go and look on the internet and try to find other people who will tell them what they want to know and then they will be happy and discard the information that I have given them. They might even find people who will tell them where they can audition, maybe even sell them stuff like audition website subscriptions, which I already know will be a complete waste of money. But for the moment they will be happy until they find out that what I said was true. One day then, maybe when it is too late, they will figure out that they needed to take classes after all. At that point usually too much time has passed by and they lost interest in acting.

Don’t let that happen to you. If you really love acting John, then go about it the right way. There are no short cuts.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Fellow Actor
and Creator of
the first ever
Acting Career Quick Start
Home-Study Course

and someone who
genuinely wants to see
you happy doing
what you love: Acting

Start Acting at Juilliard or in an Acting Studio?

Start Acting at Juilliard or in an Acting Studio?


Hi Tony,
I’m in my 30’s and want to start an acting career. My dilemma is whether to go to the prestigious Julliard School in New York for four years or to go to a studio, study acting there and look for acting work at the same time. With your experience in the industry and the websites you have built for new actors, I would really appreciate knowing what you think I should do.


Hello Brad,

first of all, thank you for contacting me.

The question I have is, if you want to start acting at Juilliard, will you be able to study full-time without having to work to pay rent and eat? That is an important consideration.

Clearly, having a degree from Juilliard will open doors for you. It will get you recognition in the industry if you market yourself so as to take full advantage of that degree.

Going the other route is can also work for you, but the key to success in my opinion is really something else. It’s character James. It’s all going to come down to how much you really want this. I’m going to give you a couple of metaphors starting from far away from your situation and then bring it home.

Start acting at Juilliard or somewhere else: Metaphors

People create wonderful retail environments, beautiful stores, but they either are in the wrong locations or they don’t know how to market themselves. The moral: having a beautiful store is not worth much if you don’t know how to get traffic to it. The same goes for websites.
That’s one problem associated with stores and websites.
Another is that the people running them often don’t want to learn how to market and sell their products and services. Why? Because they are creative people. They have no desire whatsoever to worry about those things. And thus, the store owner spends his days decorating the store and worrying about displays that will make his store look great. The website owner spends his days making design adjustments and creating content. Neither has the desire nor the knowledge to do what it takes to get recognition, traffic, visitors, etc.
And so…once they finally realize that their businesses aren’t going anywhere, they close down. The website stays online, but goes stagnant.

Get the picture?

Start acting at Juilliard or somewhere else

If you really want to get work James, you don’t have to start acting at Julliard, but you could go the second route, get into a really good studio and look for jobs at the same time and make it work for you, but you will need to learn the business of acting. Yes, work on your craft, but ultimately what will make the difference is knowing how to get yourself recognized in the industry so that you get regular auditions and book regularly.

Have you seen The Acting Career Quick Start presentation page?
If not, I invite you to have a look at it. James, you asked me a question and I want to give you an answer, not sell you the course. But on that page, you will see all the things listed that are in the course. With that I want to convey to you that those are the things you need to learn IN ADDITION TO great training in order to be able to drastically increase your chances of success in this very tough, very competitive business that is overly saturated with people who want to become actors. So, like I say, whether you get that information from me or from someone else, if you really want this James, you need to get it, know it and do it.
But before you do that, the most important thing is your motivation. You need to be driven like a race horse. This needs to be a mission for you, something that you desire more than anything else.

Start acting at Juilliard or somewhere else

Without that kind of motivation and even with a degree from Julliard, you risk having a beautiful store that gets little or no traffic, not enough sales to keep it open and that never ends up taking off. Or having a website that is beautiful, but that gets very few visitors. You risk being one of hundreds of thousands of actors who don’t get much if any acting work and have to end up changing careers, because they can’t make ends meet. Why? Because they don’t know the business.

The support you will need to wanting to start acting at Julliard or anywhere else is to learn the business.

I never tell people what to do James, but give them food for thought.
The decision is yours.

Good luck.

Fellow Actor
and Creator of
the first ever
Acting Career Quick Start
Home-Study Course

and someone who
genuinely wants to see
you happy doing
what you love: Acting

Find your acting tribe!

Find your acting tribe!

Another question in from a young an who is enrolled in
The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course

He’s been in the course now for a few months and has
been doing well. He’s getting auditions and building
relationships and starting to get acting work. His acting
career is finally taking off. BUT, he is surrounded by negativity.

He asked me what to do about it. It’s really about finding his acting tribe.
Here is my answer to him.


Hi Ben,

one way for sure is to surround yourself with other like-minded people and
with others who have the same goals and aspirations as you, such as wanting and
striving to start an acting career. In other words, find your acting tribe. That way you fuel each other, feed off each other’s
energy. It’s like that in anything you do in life.

In Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, he says to list the 5 people
you spend the most time with, take the average of their salaries and he
said that he would be willing to bet that the reader’s salary would be
somewhere in that average. His message, he went on to say, is not only do
you learn from the folks around you, you also help each other, understand
each other and feed off each other’s energy. So, his suggestion is to find
those people and make new friends. In this business, that translates to
finding your acting tribe.

We can’t, nor do we want to cut people out of our lives, family members,
siblings, etc., but if we really want to achieve certain goals, that not
only the people we hang around do not have or are not interested in, but who
also try and tear us down, we can, however, find some new friends and
associates and spend a little less time with those who are really not
helping us.

It’s not always easy to find those people, who like you are interested in an acting career, but usually they are out there somewhere. It just depends on how badly we want to find them.

I hope that helps. Hang in there. There are a lot of other people just like you who want what you want. Go find your acting tribe!

Leave a comment here below and tell me what you think and how you deal with negativity around you?

Too old to start an acting career?


Hi Tony,
I’m 27 years old.
Am I too old to start an acting career?
If not, do you think you can help me get started?


Hi Martin,

thanks for contacting me and for your interest.
I just had a guy sign up for The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course two days ago from France, who is 44 years old.
The woman student of my course that I talked about recently in one of my emails is well into her thirties.
It’s never too late, but there are some things you should know.
Most of the people who want to start an acting career are younger than that and it goes without say that the younger you start anything…well, just about anything, the more time you have to nurture it and sometimes, the easier it is to learn.

In my acting classes I have also had people of different ages and like my teacher said, often times the older students make for better students. They’re usually more mature, better about getting classwork done outside of class and take criticism better.

With regard to being too old to start an acting career, what I say is this Martin, if you are going to go for it, then go for it 100%. You really have to throw yourself at it with determination and discipline. You can’t dabble at it. You could dabble, but most likely you won’t get very far. You have to make it a mission. Even more so if you are not in one of the major markets where acting opportunities are abundant.

Too old to start an acting career? cont.

If you don’t do that and just try to hit it in your spare time, I would recommend not pursuing acting.
That’s against my interests in this case, because you might not invest in my home-study course, but it’s the honest truth. I don’t want you to sign up for my course if you are not ready or not convinced. Also because, I make you work hard! 🙂

Too old to start an acting career? cont.

If on the other hand you want to jump into my Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course to see what it’s all about, then you could do that too and then make a decision. You’ll learn lots about every aspect of the acting business from the very beginning, from learning what the business is all about, how to build industry contacts with casting directors and agents, find auditions, get acting work and get acting work continuously. One of the things we do in the very first month of the course is to teach you how to find a good school and teacher for you and how to actually interview the acting teacher to make sure that he/she is right for you.

Taking an acting class could be a good thing to start with, because if you like that, you would start to realize that acting is something you like as far as the craft is concerned and then you might like to continue.

Have a look at

Hope that answers your question Martin.

Too old to start an acting career? cont.

If there are not very many acting opportunities in your area and you really want to do this, you will inevitably have to move one day sooner or later to a place where they are more abundant, like New York or LA for example. I would think that you could approach this in one of two ways.

1. Start taking some classes to see if you even really like acting.
2. Start learning the business of acting from A-Z so that you understand what it entails and so that you understand what you will need to do to have a successful acting career.

By the way, in the home-study course, there is a complete and comprehensive module in the second month about budgeting and how to manage and get the most out of your money so that you can apply what little you have to your acting career. It might help you to see how you can best utilize the economic resources you have and optimize them for the best result.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Fellow Actor
and Creator of
the first ever
Acting Career Quick Start
Home-Study Course

and someone who
genuinely wants to see
you happy doing
what you love: Acting

The goal to become an actor: 16 possible reasons why it might not be happening for you

The goal to become an actor: 16 reasons why it might not be happening for you

I have lots of people on my Acting Career Quick Start mailing list who are, as they say, “sitting on the fence”. They say they have the goal to become an actor, have an acting career, start working as an actor. They tell me that they are really determined, that they really want this, BUT, in most cases, it’s simply not true. They are saying one thing and their actions are saying something completely different.

The biggest thing that stands in peoples’ way from getting the results they want in their lives is that they
1) don’t decide, they don’t make a decision to commit to the goal of wanting to become an actor, to really go for it with all their hearts and souls
2) they don’t take action. If you don’t do something, get started, take action, you will never get what you want! OR if you keep doing the same things over and over again that aren’t working (looking around the internet for auditions, trying to get someone to introduce you to an agent, submitting yourself on audition websites and not getting called in, etc.), then you are taking action, but you are taking the WRONG action and doing that will not get you anywhere.

So why don’t some people take action, in this case, when it comes to their goal of wanting to become an actor? Here are some of the reasons:

1. Procrastination, usually comes from not having a clear goal in mind
2. Fear of failure or fear of being branded a loser if they don’t make it while trying to become an actor in this case
3. Setting unrealistic expectations that are simply way too big to achieve all at once and as a consequence and rightly so, not believing that they can do it,
4. Fear of success! Yes it’s true. This type of fear is usually coming from the subconscious that sabotages one’s efforts. Something always seems to come up that stands in your way.
5. Fear of change. Some people don’t really want the change that will come along with achieving what they think they really want. So they just don’t do anything. If you want to become an actor, you might have to move to another city for example. Some people deep down inside, really don’t want that.
6. Fear of others judging them on the decision they made
7. Lack of support from family and friends
8. Having an unrealistic expectation that everything they need to learn to help them to get what they want, whether it be in the form of knowledge, coaching, mentoring, books, videos, time or whatever should not cost any money at all. It should all be free. As a consequence, because of this stubborn and unrealistic approach, they remain motionless and do nothing to move themselves forward with regard to wanting to become an actor.
9. Keep telling themselves that they can do it all alone. That wouldn’t be so bad if they actually did something. The problem is that they often don’t know how to get started in the right direction to achieve their goals and don’t know who to ask for help. Result? They do nothing.
10. Lack of assertion or just pure laziness. Need I say more?
11. Frozen from analysis. These people study too much before making a decision. They do too much research, evaluate too many alternatives, ask too many questions, look up too many people. They do so much research and shopping around for the right person to help them with the right approach, at the right time, etc., etc., etc., that they get lost and can’t make a decision. And remember, before you take action, you must first decide what action to take and why.
12. Being too much of a perfectionist. This is related to point number 12. Perfection doesn’t exist, so don’t look for it. It will slow you down. Acting teaches us that. There’s no such thing as the perfect scene. Acting is so beautiful in part due to its imperfections. When you start, you will inevitably make mistakes, meet the wrong people, make a fool of yourself, get taken, mess up, make a bad investment, stumble and maybe even fall. All those things will help make you stronger, better and smarter. Stop looking for something that doesn’t exist! Don’t wait until you’
13. Lack of trust in anyone but themselves to help them become an actor. They don’t trust anyone to do things for them, so…they try and do everything alone. It’s too much to take on along with everything else they already have going on in their lives and so…they do nothing. There’s no time. It’s difficult to get great results in life by doing things all alone.
14. Don’t feel they deserve success. Some people just simply don’t see themselves big enough. Deep down in their subconscious, some little voice is telling them, “you could never do that” or “that kind of thing is reserved for other people. Not for you!” or “You’re not smart enough or talented enough to be able to do that!” or “That’s really way out of your league!” You have to learn how to beat down that voice and replace that inner talk that is damaging to your goals with a different kind of talk, that’s more positive. If you want to be successful you first have to really believe that you deserve it. That in itself will provide you with a lot of drive and determination to move you in the right direction and help you to take action.
15. Not enough money and no idea of how to get it for all the things they need to do to start their acting careers and become an actor. Sometimes, often times people concentrate so much on the fact that they don’t have the money they need, that they completely don’t think about all the things that they could do to get that money and sometimes that’s because they don’t even think it’s possible to be able to start creating something that will bring in some extra money. Another thing they don’t think about is about all the things they could be doing in the meantime to start moving in the direction of their dreams that don’t require a lot if any money.
16. Getting caught up in the negativity. If you are surrounded by people who are negative, always bringing you down, who don’t encourage you, who are always telling you that you can’t do something, that they don’t want you to do it, bla, bla, bla, then you must ask yourself is that the kind of environment that will help you to achieve your goals. Now, if you are still young and living at home, then you might not have much choice but to stick it out. But if you are old enough to make your own decisions and all the people, your friends are people like the ones I have described, then you better start looking for some new friends IF and only IF you really want to start an acting career.

Remember that not making a decision to take action to achieve your goal of wanting to become an actor is a decision in itself. You decide not to decide. That’s a decision. So what I’m saying here is that you can’t get away from making a decision. If you are sitting on the fence, not taking action because of one of those 16 reasons on the list above, the question I have for you now is:

What are you going to do? These reasons that I just listed are applicable in all areas of your life. But since we are often talking about starting an acting career, it’s important that, if you haven’t been getting anywhere in your acting career, that you start to ask yourself if the reason could be one of the things I mentioned above.
Think about it.
THIS PROGRAM is for people who REALLY want to become an actor.
The acting career quick start home-study course.

What do you think? Leave a comment here below.

How to start acting

I know that some of you guys on this mailing list are on vacation now.

Others have informed me that they are involved in 5 or 6 week intensive acting classes.

And still others…unfortunately are beating their heads against the wall, trying desperately to figure out how the heck to start getting some auditions and some acting work!

If you happen to be in the last category, here is some friendly advice from yours truly. If you have been trying to get your acting career going and haven’t had any luck, then I strongly advise you to try these three things immediately.

1. Sit down and write down the specific things you have been doing and actions you have been taking to start your acting career.

2. Sort the things on your list into two categories:

a. what is working

b. what is not working

3. Stop doing the things that are not working.

4. Start doing more of the things that are working.

5. If nothing that you have been trying is working, or the things that are working aren’t really making a big difference, then ask yourself a very important question.

What am I willing to do to get my acting career off the ground…finally?

6. Write down your answer to that question and hang it up someplace where you will always see it and keep it as a constant reminder.

7. Do it!

If all else fails, then get yourself some help, someone who really knows how to help you. My program, The First and Only Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course will guide you through the entire process of starting your acting career with step-by-step video instruction, downloadable materials, email support, personal one-to-one coaching calls each month, a free headshot evaluation and more.

But, if for some reason you don’t want to take my course, then I advise you to get that SAME INFORMATION and in the SAME WAY from someone else, like a good mentor can give you.

If you have any questions, just let me know. I’m here to help!
Just use the Contact Us button on

The fastest way to start an acting career

This is the absolute fastest way I know of to start an acting career as quickly as possible!

If you can’t find a mentor on your own, know that The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course is a mentorship program that takes you through every step of not only learning the acting business, but actually DOING it. When you finish the course and if you have followed everything we do in it, you will have created the base for acting career success. That means you will have created all your marketing materials, know how to get yourself seen in the industry, made contacts and more importantly built relationships with key industry professionals, know how to get lots of auditions, how to increase your chances of booking off the auditions you do get and lots more.

Most students have already started getting acting work well before finishing the course. Here are just a couple of examples.



Other students and the comments they made about the Home-Study Course