Acting Career Quick Start: A Very Important Question!

Get ready for this very important question!

You can learn from examples like Wes Cantrell, graduate of The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course and stellar student who followed everything we did to the letter. He is also an affiliate. He, like the hundreds of other students in the course, paid $37 per month for the course for a total of $222, BUT he has already made back his money seven fold! To be clear, I have counted 7 sales from him. That means that he has earned $1,554 from promoting the Home-Study Course.
You must be ready to answer one of the most important questions that your contact could possibly ask you, which is this:

“If Tony’s Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course is so good, have YOU taken it?”
What will help you to sell to your contacts is if YOU yourself have taken the course. Just like Wes Cantrell, you will then be able to talk about specific parts of the course and about your experience in participating, about how your coaching calls with Tony are and more importantly, about how the course has helped you to start your acting career. If you can’t do that, then you are just shooting in the dark, and what’s more, it will be difficult for you to be credible.

There are three other ways that you could possibly be credible at promoting the home-study course if you haven’t taken it.

1. If you have already had a long acting career and truly have no need for it. You have already learned and applied the things that you see on the presentation and video page of and want to suggest to someone new to the business to go and get this information from Tony.

2. You are a reputable industry source for actors: casting director, talent agent, acting teacher, have an acting school, acting coach, etc. and want to refer your students and actors to this course, telling them that you have studied the presentation page and been on my mailing list for sometime now and see how I communicate.

3. You were once interested in starting an acting career, but no longer have the desire to do so. You have a contact who you know is very interested and can recommend to them to just “check out” what Tony is doing. “It may be or may not be something for you. Go check it out and put yourself on his mailing list and then see what you think”.

Sending out an email and then making a quick follow-up call or sending out another mail and then making money is one of the coolest things I can think of. What about you?

If you wanna make some extra money to help start your acting career or for whatever reason, let me help you. Get in the course, learn, apply what you learn and then make money telling people about the results you’ve achieved. That’s what Wes Cantrell did and that’s why he’s so successful. Think about it.

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