What starting an acting career can be like if you work hard

Starting an acting career

Brent Bauer

Acting Career Quick Start Graduate Brent Bauer

If you want to know what it’s like when you really get your acting career going at the beginning, here is a snapshot of what it can be like for you too if you are currently not getting any auditions or acting work and are not sure how to make things happen for yourself. This is one of the continuous updates I get from Brent Bauer, a graduate of the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course.

Hey Tony,     Stating an acting career is a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding. How have you been? Today marked a big day for me in my acting career. I did my first mailing to casting directors and a few agents. It was quite a great feeling walking out of the post office knowing that they were in the mail.  A lot of work was involved with researching each one and including something about them in each cover letter but it was so worth it.  I included my headshot/resume, cover letter, and a self-addressed stamped postcard.  I also just got another role in a movie and just got contacted about being in another project.  Tomorrow, I have an audition as well.  The great thing is that it’s only the beginning.  I really look forward to the journey.  I think one reason why actors fail is that they only look at the destination of making it. They don’t enjoy the ride of getting there.  I am all for the journey; each step I treasure it for what it is.  I recently looked back at everything I’ve accomplished just since taking this course.  It is so awesome to see how far I’ve come along since then.  There’s plenty more to come!

[After a few weeks]

Since the last time, I’ve been doing quite a few projects.  I started a commercial class with a casting director who has a very good reputation in my area and gets quite a bit of work.  Through her, she got me a gig for a local car commercial.  I got a really nice close-up of me in a car!  The commercial has been playing constantly which has been very exciting.  I also did work on a commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods for their holiday commercial.  It was an all night shoot (11pm-7am) but was so worth it.  I also have recently been cast in another film that will be filming the beginning of next year.  Also, I just got representation from an agent and also invited to attend an Open Call with another agency.  A few weeks ago, I also sent my first postcard to all casting directors and agents I sent my info to.  Within the next week, I’ll be sending another postcard to them about my recent updates as well as wishing them a Happy Holiday.

I personally am proud to know that what have created is working for those who are willing to work hard while starting an acting career and follow the program step-by-step as it was meant to be followed.

Good job Brent!

Your Acting Career Mentor

Have you ever felt that something was off in an audition situation?

The rest of the question from one of the students in the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course:

"A few weeks ago I had an audition for a play. It was for a very popular
theatre company in the area. They had a ton of people in that audition situation.
It was a cold read audition only. I received an email that 17 people didn't make
it. The lady who submitted the email said it took her 5 times to
audition before she got a role with this particular theatre! I thought to
myself, "Wow, this is very a competitive and hard company to get involved
with!" Only three times in my lifetime I didn't get a call back for a play.
But the most interesting part was, while I was waiting I could tell a lot
of the actors have worked together in the past and knew the directors.
There was a certain vibe in the air that wasn't quite right. Usually at an
audition I feel great and have a lot of fun. Yes, a little nervous but
fun. I didn't feel anything, everything felt weird. Have you ever
walked into an audition and felt like something was off?"


Yes I have in more than one audition situation and felt that something was off. I have felt in a similar way to what you described. I saw other actors that knew each other and in some cases had worked together on projects. Early on that made me feel uncomfortable.
Later I saw it as a challenge and had too strong of an attitude when I walked into the auditions. I had too much energy and “will to win”, because I took it as a challenge, that I had to beat them. That wasn’t good either and in such cases I didn’t get called back.
Then I realized what I was doing wrong and I learned to be confident, but at the same time relax and that made all the difference in the world.

One of the things we cover in the Home-Study Course is how to best handle yourself in an audition situation.



A Very Positive Acting Career Quick Start Student!

Message from an Acting Career Quick Start student

I would like to share with you a message that I just received from one of my students.
He is doing great things in the program and getting incredible results. Brent Bauer
is his name. He is getting regular auditions and getting regular acting work.
One of the reasons that he get’s these kinds of results is, because he is extremely
positive and a great example to follow.

“Hey Tony,

start an acting career
Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course Graduate is getting regular auditions and regular acting jobs!

I’ve been doing pretty good.  Keeping busy. I have an Open Call tomorrow for another agent that’s more local and an audition next week for a film.  I’m also going to a wrap party tomorrow for one of the films I recently finished and finishing up another film by next weekend.  With the Open Call I’m going to, I recently did previous work with this agent when she needed an extra for a commercial a few weeks ago.  Today, she contacted me about possibly auditioning for a SAG commercial.  Right now, I’m on hold for a Monday audition if they want to see anymore (they had callbacks today but might want to see more talent).  Regardless, that’s a good thing, right?”


This is what he wrote me at the end of his last mail to me.

“Tonight I had an audition for a musical. I’ll let you in on a secret: I don’t do musicals. So…why would I go to the audition? Because it was uncomfortable. When I’m at film auditions, I’m confident. I know what I can bring to the table, and I represent that character. It’s comfortable. Doing a musical piece with a pianist? Not so much. That’s what made it great. Did I screw up my song? You bet…. I was completely off with the music and all over the place. Am I going to beat myself up over it? No. Did I fail? Perhaps. That’s great. In everything, it’s good to sometimes do things that make you uncomfortable. It’s good to fail. Bill Gates says that if you want to be successful, double your failure rate. I had a great experience that no one can take away from me. Failure makes you stronger. In this business of acting, failure is a part of life. That’s what makes you enjoy your acting career successes even more. On a side note, I did nail my monologue!”

A positive mental attitude can do wonders for your acting career!
Brent is proof of that.

How to find acting jobs?

A young man contacted me recently and asked me a question that I am so often asked. How do I find acting jobs or jobs as a model? Here below you will find my answer to him. I’ve given this real person who wrote me a fictitious name.

Hi Roger,

I only give the opportunity for personal phone conversations to people enrolled in the home-study course. Doing that for others wouldn’t be fair to those who are paying for the course. The same is true for continuous email support.

What is it you would like to know from me?

In answer to your question below, how to find your own jobs as a model or actor. the nature of your question tells me that your focus is way too narrow. As I say in this video,

there are many reasons why most aspiring actors never make it. Thinking like this Roger is just one of those reasons. Take a step back and broaden your look at the acting business. Stop thinking about “just getting acting jobs” and start thinking about how to run a successful business in this industry. That’s what it will take. If you don’t do that, your chances for success are very limited.

That’s why I created the mentorship program through the home-study course. It’s like having someone explain everything you need to know over a 6 day period (6 days worth of video that you can watch anytime you want!) and that SHOWS YOU HOW TO DO EVERYTHING. That’s why I created it. As a matter of fact, the people in the course don’t need to call me and they don’t write very often, because they have everything explained to them so clearly that talking to me is rarely necessary.

Think about the cost.

  • Think about the cost of getting bad headshots, that don’t get you called in for auditions. Think about all that money spent for the shoot, the postage stamps, the envelopes, copies of your headshots. Hundreds of dollars wasted, not to mention the time you spend hoping that it will work only to find out that your headshots don’t present you in the best way.
  • Think about the cost of doing mailings the wrong way. You spend time and money and positive energy sending out your headshots, resumes and cover letters and then sitting around hoping that someone will call. You didn’t send out the right amount. You didn’t format your resume properly. Your headshots weren’t what they should have been. Your cover letter wasn’t written properly. Time and money wasted.
  • Think about the cost of taking the wrong acting classes with the wrong teachers. You spent time taking classes that you didn’t need to take right now. Your teacher wasn’t the best choice for you. Time and money wasted.
  • Think about the cost of submitting your headshot and resume to audition websites and not getting called in. Time and money wasted.
  • Think about what you could be doing to make some extra money online to help you get your acting career started and that will allow you to spend most of your time on your acting endeavors, IF you had someone to explain to you how to do it. Money that you could be making on the side…but that you aren’t, because no one explained to you how to do it.
  • Think about the cost of approaching casting directors and agents and not fully understanding what it is they are looking for in an actor, so that when you finally do meet one, you blow your chances, because no one ever explained that to you and told you how to use that information to get the best results.
  • Think about the cost of not knowing the audition process, so that when you finally do get an audition, you’re either too nervous to be able to give your best performance or because you never learned the keys to auditioning well and so you blow it! Not only that, but that casting director never wants to see you come in and waste their time again. Time and hope wasted! Not only that, you just might have burned a really good industry contact!
  • Think about the cost of not knowing how to build and create not just one contact with one agent or casting director, but not knowing the secrets to getting many contacts and to actually get casting directors to call YOU in for auditions without even going through your agent first! Time wasted, because maybe you didn’t even know that was possible and again, no one ever explained to you how to do that.

I could go on and on Roger, but that’s what you are up against.
What I tell people is this. You can either go to
http://www.actingcareerstartup.com and get lots of free information. Everything is there for you to figure out on your own to be able to start a successful acting career.

Or, you can get serious and take advantage of an online mentor, who will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know step-by-step, saving you money and time and more importantly, who will help you get auditions regularly and as a consequence FINALLY help you to start getting regular acting work.

So, the best advice I could honestly give you from the bottom of my heart is that IF you are serious about starting an acting career and IF you are ready to COMMIT 100% to not only listen to what you hear on the videos, but to actually DO what you learn, then either enroll NOW in the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course
find yourself another mentor who has the 5 characteristics that I talk about in the videos at the top of the presentation page.

This is a decision that you can make today Roger.

If you can’t make that decision and are not ready to FULLY COMMIT to your acting career success, then I have another piece of advice for you Roger. Leave it alone. Don’t keep alluding yourself about starting an acting career, because unless you learn the business 360 degrees, your chances for success will be slim to none.

I don’t want to see you end up like many others who have contacted me over the years who ask me questions like you asked and then a year later, they’re back asking the same old questions, because they THOUGHT that maybe it was possible to get started doing the same old tricks and quick fixes and without spending much time and/or any money at all. So if you’re not ready yet, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself the truth, “I’m not ready to commit to starting an acting career and I understand that that means that I will most likely not get any auditions or any acting jobs until I am ready to commit.

It’s up to you Roger. That’s my best professional advice.

Take care.

Your acting career mentor

Pursuing an acting career: Getting past the loneliness

Pursuing an acting career can be lonely, especially if you live in a place where there are not so many others interested in the same thing. Here are several suggestions that might help you to overcome being so lonely.

1. Look for forums where other actors hang out. Start a thread and see what happens. Yes it’s only virtual contact, but maybe it’s better than nothing.

2. If you know someone, even if they don’t live in your town, you might be able to bounce some ideas off of them. Again it’s virtual, but at least it’s something.

3. People in your acting classes can be a good source of companionship. If you are anything like me, you don’t always make friends with everyone you run into. But I always find at least one person in classes that I like hanging around.

4. What I always encourage people to do who are pursuing an acting career is to create their own projects. Write your own story and get somebody to film it for you. Find another actor or two to participate in the project. This is perhaps one of the absolute best ways to find companionship and make some new actor friends. The good thing about this is that you can “cast” who you want to work with. If you need help finding other actors, acting teachers and schools can help with that.

5. If you are not in acting classes at the moment, maybe there are some industry events or seminars you might want to participate in. Another great place to meet others.

6. If you don’t want to organize your own film or stage project, look for others who might want to. Tell them you are available and ask if they will write a part just for you. Encourage others to do the same thing.

7. Start a “lonely actors club” that meets, say, once per week. Start projects. Do acting exercises together. Even just meet and go to dinner.

The other thing about classes is that you have to do scenes. To do scenes you have to rehearse, so there was always some kind of contact with at least one other actor. The only thing about that is, that your scene partner isn’t always someone you want to hang around, but at least you’re not completely left alone.

Some of the things I mentioned might work for you if you are pursuing an acting career and some might not. In the end, my personal opinion is that we have to reach out a little and then things start to come our way.

If you are feeling lonely, hang in there!  Keep your head up. Do the work you need to do in the home-study course and before you know it, you will have a lot more company!


Mailings to Casting Directors & Talent Agents

Stuffing envelopes is easy when doing
mailings to talent agents and casting directors.

How many times have I heard it?

“I sent out my headshots and resume to five agents. Two months have passes and still haven’t heard anything yet! What should I do?”

Here’s my answer to that question.

Stuffing envelopes is easy. The most important thing you should do in that situation is this. “Start thinking long-term about your acting career instead of short-term.”

Change your mentality, do the right things, which is not sending out mailings to five agents and hoping to get called. That’s a short-term, low-probability-of-success thing to do.

It’s a waste of money and time for you and the person you mailed to. And besides, it doesn’t do wonders for your motivation.

What you need to do lies in the answers to the following question:

  • What are you trying to achieve by sending out those mailings?
  • What is your type?
  • Is your package “lined up?” Is it speaking the same language?
  • Do you know what the average response rate is for unsolicited mailings and how to beat the odds?
  • Did you follow up with those mailings and do you know one of the best ways to follow up to increase your chances of getting called by the person you mailed to?

Besides the questions I listed above, there are so many other questions that new actors need to be able to answer and can’t.

In the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course, we not only answer all those questions and many, many more, but I actually take you through them step-by-step and show you on video exactly each and every step you need to take to make sure your mailings are a success.

That’s just one of the many reason I tell potential students that if you follow my advice, the things you learn in this course with me and other industry professionals you’ll find there, you should already be acting during the course, which means within just a few months!

The last question I ask you now is, “Do you think you will be acting in just a few months, if you keep sending mailings out like you are doing now?”

If not and you want to increase your chances for success and beat that ticking clock, I’m here.


Stuffing envelopes is easy Tony. Starting to get acting work and keep on getting it for a long time is a little harder. Most people, if they are honest with themselves, need help. What about you?


Can I still get discovered if I don’t take acting classes?


I love acting and have always be a natural at it. I’ve never taken any classes because I didn’t think it is necessary. Will I still be able to get discovered and get an agent?


Here is something you should know. The acting industry is full of competition. It’s really unbelievable how many people want to become actors. I’m sorry to say that most of those people either believe that they have what it takes, that they are just natural talents or they believe that they will somehow “get discovered”. Others wrongly think that the first steps to starting an acting career are to get a headshot and an agent and that things will be easy after that.

The one sure way to eliminate most of the competition is to work harder than they do. Why? Because most people aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to be successful.

Know that if you want to get discovered, you have to make it happen. It doesn’t happen by itself. The more prepared you are, the more likely it is to happen.

Here are two videos I think you should watch:

Sign up to watch:
The top 10 reasons why most aspiring actors never make it:

The second video is the biggest secret I learned while sitting outside
an audition that helped me to get 8 acting jobs in less than 10 weeks.

I hope that helps.

Should I go to LA to start acting?

Should I go to LA to start my acting career? Do you think it’s a good idea?


I suggest you go to LA if you are really ready to go there and know what to expect, otherwise I would say stay where you are, study acting, get some experience, build your resume, put some money aside, put together your career plan and then go. Sounds like a lot and maybe it’s not what you want to hear Corey, but know this. There are so many people who go to LA to pursue an acting career and then never end up making it, because they weren’t prepared. Then they end up doing something completely different.

This is my advice, starting at the top, starting with the best-quality advice I can give you and working down from there.

1. Invest in my brand new Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course. It’s the first of its kind. Never been done. It literally walks you through the steps of starting an acting career with weekly videos. Go watch the presentation.

2. My book: Acting Career Start Up: Four Key Factors For Success

3. Start doing research around starting an acting career. This is free information on my website:

4. Here is more free information about planning your trip to LA:

www.actingcarerstartup.com has hundreds of pages of free information, but it’s not structured in steps. If you know what information you are looking for, you can look for it and go get it and then leave. If you really want to have a chance at success, you will need something structured like what I listed in point number 1.

Whatever you do, make sure that you have a structured plan before you start. Know this. The harder you work to get started, the less competition you will end up having. Why? Because most people want to take the easy route. They don’t want to study, market themselves and do all the things that are necessary. They just want to “get discovered”. If you work hard and do the things they are not willing to do, you will eliminate them from your competition. It’s that simple.

It’s up to you. Thanks again and tell your friends about us!

Good luck!

Wanna get discovered?

Hi this is Tony, creator of ActingCareerStartUp.com.

“I wanna get discovered!” is one of the things I hear most often from young, aspiring actors and even older ones. The problem is that most people try and do that by navigating on the Internet and asking people, “Where can I find auditions?” or “Can somebody introduce me to an agent?” Usually that doesn’t get them anywhere. Aside from the experience I have starting an acting career, I also know the acting industry and the acting business. And I know it takes a lot more than that.

That’s why I created something that literally takes you by the hand and walks you through the process of starting an acting career and learning how to get discovered step-by-step.

Check it out!

Fellow Actor
and Creator of

Starting an acting career

One of my website visitors to ActingCareerStartUp.com, a 20 year old young man from LA wrote to me to tell me that he read my book, he has read through my site, receive my regular emails and read both my blogs and after that he was hungry for even more help to start his acting career. He said he was hoping that I would come up with something that would take the help I was giving him to the next level. And… I did.

Check it out!

Fellow Actor and
founder of