A question about voice over acting

A Question about Voice Over Acting

I’m looking into doing some voiceover acting as well. Is that side of showbiz any different than the film/TV acting business? And can I apply your home study
course to the voiceover acting business? Do you go over voiceover work in the course?

Tony’s Answer

Yes, VO (voice over) acting is a little different.
Your acting skills that you learn in classes will certainly help you, but you also must be a very good and flawless aloud reader of text, so good in fact that you can actually interpret the text in the intonation of your voice while you read.

A question about voice over acting: Voice over auditions

Often times you will be in a booth with earphones on. For auditions they will give you some text to read. They’ll expect you to knock it out of the park on the first read. Might give you then some additional takes as you would have in acting auditions, but what’s really important is the capability to read and interpret text flawlessly.

Question about voice over acting: Is it covered in the Home-Study Course?

The home-study course will definitely apply to vo acting as well, since the business principles and applications are the same. I don’t go into vo acting in depth although I do cover it briefly, but then again, given that the the course is business driven, it is entirely applicable to vo acting as well.

Hope that answers your question.