How can I make money to pay for acting classes?


How can I make money to pay for acting classes? I’m looking for residual income opportunities.


I can highly recommend your having a look at this video. It could literally change your life. Have a look at this page and then the video:

1. How to make money to pay for acting classes.

2. The system I used to build that is rapidly approaching 100,000 visitors per month now at the beginning of 2011.

Good luck!

How do I know if an acting school is a good school or not?


How do I know if an acting school is good or not?


I never heard of the acting school you mentioned. I did visit their website, however. There is basic information, but difficult to tell if they are a good acting school or not. Try contacting them and setting up an appointment together with your parents or one of them. Make sure you have a look at this page first that talks about how you can choose an acting school that’s right for you:

When you talk to them, ask for some names of some of their students that you can talk to privately together with your parents and let your parents and theirs talk too.

Also, here is an interview I did with actor an acting teacher Jeff Alan Lee who has a Hollywood acting school for teens. It might help you in your decision on choosing the right school and help you to understand what you can expect:’s-studio.html

I hope that answers your question.

How do I send mailings to casting directors?


First of all, great website thanks so much for this info. I would like to sent mailing to casting directors for my two children but now sure what to write in the cover letter. Also is it fine to send to production companies as well or do they get upset. One more question, thanks about the thank you letters never thought of that, but I will get started, is it okay to say something like: Thanks for the great experience it was fantastic meeting you/

Thanks again for all your help!


First of all, here is a guide that I put together for parents of actors. You might have already seen it, but I’ll give it to you again anyway.
Have a look at these two pages:

Secondly, have a look at this page with regard to cover letters:

And absolutely yes on sending mailings to production companies! That is something that many don’t think of. You can use my 12-Steps for that too:

Thirdly, here is a video interview with a Hollywood youth talent agent that you might find interesting:

Lastly and again with regard to the cover letter, I would say that comments and thank you notes from you are good, which lets casting directors know that your children are well looked after. I would also say, however, that once your children are “old enough”, which is something you have to decide, you might want to involve them in these things as well and have certain messages and thank-you’s come directly from them. Why? For one it helps them begin to understand what they will have to do for their own careers. Secondly, in the eyes of the casting director I would think that it shows them a certain maturity in the child/teen, which could be an extra added bonus. It might influence them even if just a little bit more than the audition performance that they will be professional once the book the job. That will make the casting director look good in the eyes of the director.

I hope that answers your question.
Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.

What is the audition process like for actors?


What is the audition process for actors like from start to finish.

I like the way you think! That’s a very intelligent question. I asked this very same question about the audition process five years ago in a question and answer session with a noted casting director in New York.

Last year I went to LA and interiewed a casting director and I asked her the same question. Here is the entire interview for you!

I hope that answers your question.

Good luck!

How can you get auditions without having proper acting training?

QUESTION: Hi I was just wondering, can you get auditions without having proper training as an actor? thanks for your help:)


You can get auditions without proper training, but there are some things for you to take into consideration. One thing is that in order to be able to do a good job auditioning, you will have to know HOW to audition. Another thing is that unless you are just a natural talent, the casting director will be able to see that you are not trained and if so, there is a good chance you will not be chosen for the job. The third thing to know is that before you get called in for an audition, the casting director will want to see on your resume either that you have experience and/or that you have been training as an actor. If they don’t see either, there is a good chance that you won’t even be called in for the audition UNLESS it is for an extra job.

Here are more than 20 reasons why you should consider taking acting classes:

I hope I have answered your question.

Good luck!

How can I start acting?


How can I start acting? My mom supports me and I know I have what it takes. My friends tell me that I should be an actor, because I make people laugh and because I can change my body language easily. Please help me.


The best advice I can give you is about to come. I’m putting together a home-study program. It will allow you to have me as your personal coach with video instruction and in which I tell you exactly what you need to do. The reason I have put this program together is because so many visitors to have asked that very same question.
Within the next few weeks I will be launching it.
Until then, have a look at this page:
There’s a lot of great information on that page that will give you some good ideas as to what you can do first.

Also, you might want to have a look at this page:

Stay in touch with and I will have more things for you.

Good luck John!


Acting Cover Letter Help!

Hello. First I would like to thank for an opportunity
to ask you a question. I’m Russian and I came to United States 4 years ago
to pursue my acting career ( I’m 16).When I turn 18 I’m moving to NY to
pursue my career.
Today I have been working on my cover letter and this is that what I came
with :” Dear( agents name) Your agency has been recommended to me by various
people during my search for representation in New York/Los Angeles. I have
always loved acting and I have taken various acting classes in and outside
of United States, so I am sure that I am the right type of “white bread” to
be represented. I have enclosed my resume and photos for your consideration.
I am looking forward to meeting you and I will contact you by phone ( date
and time). Truly yours, Daria XXX.
do you consider this to be a good cover letter?
IF you don’t mind Ill address my another problem, when I was in Russia
I have been in MANY theater productions and such,however I lost information
( director’s name etc, ) how should I present it in my resume?
I decided to be an actress when I was 7 ( I saw the lord of the rings) and
I was like this isit… I want to do that. Thank you so much for a chance
to ask you a question.
Truly yours,
Daria XXX


There were a lot of mistakes in that mail above that I received. I corrected most of them.

First of all, with regard to the cover letter, have a look at this page.
It’s a similar question I answered from a girl not long ago and has
some of the things I think will be helpful for you.

Secondly, I would suggest you have a look at these pages as well. They
are about what you need to consider when you get an agent.

That leads me to your accent and English language ability. The better
your English is, the more kinds of roles you can be cast in. Otherwise
you will always be the Russian girl. There is absolutely nothing wrong with
that, but it limits the number of auditions you can go on and consequently,
the number of jobs you can get.

This page shows you step by step exactly what you have to do to get an

Also, even though you have a lot of experience, you should still be going to
class. Your acting craft never stops growing. You must keep learning. Also, it is
important for you to know that even if you don’t have a lot of experience, agents and
casting directors will be looking to see if you have been training or not.
Here’s how to choose the right school for you:

Lastly, with regard to the addresses, names you have lost. I don’t know what
to tell you except don’t lie. You must find some of them at least.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions.


Is it possible to have more than one talent agent?


As long as you haven’t signed an exclusive agreement with any one agent, you can have as many agents as you want. My advice though would be to be honest with your agents, especially with the ones that get you most of the work. It could happen as happened to me a couple of years ago, that I got called in for the same audition by two different agents within 15 minutes. I accepted to go to the audition from the first agent. When the second agent called, I told him that I had already accepted to go to that audition. In that moment, I was so glad that I had told the second agent the truth, which was that I had another agent as well. Even though I wasn’t obligated to tell him, I was thinking it might be better to be honest, which would help maintain a good, open relationship.

I just think it’s always good to be clear up front. Takes the stress out of life. There’s enough of that already.

Hope that answers your question.

Here is some information about how to actually go about getting a talent agent.


Acting Career In Hollywood: Should I move to LA to pursue my acting career?

Hi, I’m 16 years old and in high school and I know I have to be an actor; it is what I love to do. My question is, once I graduate high school, do you suggest moving to LA to pursue an acting career, or going to college to get a degree in acting? I want to do film & television work, not theater, so would moving to LA be a better career move?


Yes LA would definitely be the better place to be for film and televison, but
you will want to use this time until you graduate to do a few very important things.

1. Start getting some really good, solid acting training. Learn a technique for example. Learn how to audition. Learn some monologues. Learn why classes are important and how to choose a school that is right for you:

2. Learn as much as you can about the industry and what’s happening.
Learn as much as you can about LA and Hollywood, not only from an industry
standpoint, but also from a geographical standpoint.

3. Devlop a strategy that includes learning business and networking skills. You NEED to know how to do those things. It’s not just as simple as getting an agent and expecting that they will do all the work. It’s not that simple. That’s what my book teaches you about, among other things.

If you can get a chance, take a couple of fact finding trips to LA and check things out. Go to some workshops and seminars for actors there. Start interviewing schools and other actors there before you go, so that you will feel more sure when you finally get to where you want to be. Have a look at the HOLLYWOOD HO link on the menu of the site.