Too old to start an acting career?


Hi Tony,
I’m 27 years old.
Am I too old to start an acting career?
If not, do you think you can help me get started?


Hi Martin,

thanks for contacting me and for your interest.
I just had a guy sign up for The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course two days ago from France, who is 44 years old.
The woman student of my course that I talked about recently in one of my emails is well into her thirties.
It’s never too late, but there are some things you should know.
Most of the people who want to start an acting career are younger than that and it goes without say that the younger you start anything…well, just about anything, the more time you have to nurture it and sometimes, the easier it is to learn.

In my acting classes I have also had people of different ages and like my teacher said, often times the older students make for better students. They’re usually more mature, better about getting classwork done outside of class and take criticism better.

With regard to being too old to start an acting career, what I say is this Martin, if you are going to go for it, then go for it 100%. You really have to throw yourself at it with determination and discipline. You can’t dabble at it. You could dabble, but most likely you won’t get very far. You have to make it a mission. Even more so if you are not in one of the major markets where acting opportunities are abundant.

Too old to start an acting career? cont.

If you don’t do that and just try to hit it in your spare time, I would recommend not pursuing acting.
That’s against my interests in this case, because you might not invest in my home-study course, but it’s the honest truth. I don’t want you to sign up for my course if you are not ready or not convinced. Also because, I make you work hard! 🙂

Too old to start an acting career? cont.

If on the other hand you want to jump into my Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course to see what it’s all about, then you could do that too and then make a decision. You’ll learn lots about every aspect of the acting business from the very beginning, from learning what the business is all about, how to build industry contacts with casting directors and agents, find auditions, get acting work and get acting work continuously. One of the things we do in the very first month of the course is to teach you how to find a good school and teacher for you and how to actually interview the acting teacher to make sure that he/she is right for you.

Taking an acting class could be a good thing to start with, because if you like that, you would start to realize that acting is something you like as far as the craft is concerned and then you might like to continue.

Have a look at

Hope that answers your question Martin.

Too old to start an acting career? cont.

If there are not very many acting opportunities in your area and you really want to do this, you will inevitably have to move one day sooner or later to a place where they are more abundant, like New York or LA for example. I would think that you could approach this in one of two ways.

1. Start taking some classes to see if you even really like acting.
2. Start learning the business of acting from A-Z so that you understand what it entails and so that you understand what you will need to do to have a successful acting career.

By the way, in the home-study course, there is a complete and comprehensive module in the second month about budgeting and how to manage and get the most out of your money so that you can apply what little you have to your acting career. It might help you to see how you can best utilize the economic resources you have and optimize them for the best result.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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