Get me a talent agent!

Get me a talent agent!

That’s what a young man wrote to me a few days ago. Here below you will find my answer to his…request.
The young man’s name I have changed. So let’s just call him…Roger.

It doesn’t work that way Roger. It’s not that easy.

You are asking someone to get you an agent and you haven’t even introduced yourself!
I have no idea who you are, what you look like, what kind if any, acting skills and experience you have, where you live. I haven’t seen any of your acting work, don’t know if you have taken any classes. I know nothing.
If this is your strategy, to try and get people to introduce you to an agent in this way, you are going down the wrong road. It’s not a winning strategy at all.
No one actor who is intelligent will introduce you to an agent if they have no idea who you are and above all, if they have never seen your work as an actor. Why would they? They risk putting their credibility and integrity on the line for someone they don’t even know.

Just imagine if the actor who you ask to introduce you has built a good relationship with his agent over the years, introduces another actor to their agent and that other actor turns out to be a flop. What do you think the agent will think? It doesn’t make sense and no one will do that for you Roger. No actor who is intelligent would take that risk. If you find that concept difficult to understand, just try and put yourself in their shoes. If you were an established actor, would you introduce someone you don’t even know to your agent?

If you really want an agent, then do it the right way and build from the ground up. Present yourself correctly. Tell who you are, what experience you have and show some videos of your work.

I might be wrong, but in my 9 years of experience helping actors get their acting careers started, I find that people who send messages like the one you sent to me “Get me an agent.”, usually have no experience at all, have never taken any acting classes and just want to be an actor, because they think it would be a cool thing to do and want to be famous. I hope that is not your case.

If you don’t like what I said and want to try the easy route anyway, then have a look at this page. It tells you all the steps on how to get an agent, but if you don’t have the basis, then it won’t work Roger. But…you can try.

Starting an acting career and keeping it going is hard work. You need to be passionate and be willing to do what is necessary. If you don’t know what steps to take, then my Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course can help. It will walk you through all the steps. It will be like having a mentor, someone to help you who really wants you to succeed.

So, at this point if you have been trying to get your acting career started and what you are trying isn’t working, then you have two choices. Either continue to do what you have been doing or get someone to help you who knows what they are doing and can help you start getting auditions regularly and also acting jobs.

Good luck!


How to get an agent

How to get an agent

ActingCareerQuickStart’s Tony interviews himself on the subject of how to get an agent.

How to get an agent: first question
So how can I get an agent?
Before I answer that question there are a few other ones to answer first. It is absolutely crucial to know how to be able to answer this next series of questions before going out and looking for an agent. It can make all the difference in the world for you.

How to get an agent: second question
What do talent agents do and why do they want to work with actors or represent them?
Talent agents are business people. Many of them are free-lance professionals and entrepreneurs. That means they do what they do to make money. And they want to profit from their business activity.
Having said that, talent agents only want to work with actors who they are reasonably sure that they will be able to send out on auditions and who have a good chance of actually beating out the competition and booking an acting job.

How to get an agent: third question
What do talent agents expect from actors?
There are a few important things they expect.
a. that actors are professional, which means well-trained and who place value on knowing the craft of acting and on knowing not only how to audition, but also how to book and keep the jobs.
b. that actors take an interest in their careers. This means being proactive and also being able to book acting work on their own without the talent agent’s help and find breakdowns and invite-only auditions on their own for their agent to obtain permission to send them to the audition. In other words, they want an actor that knows how to work together with a talent agent and not just rely on a talent agent.
c. actors who are low-maintenance and who keep in touch with the talent agent as the agent wishes them to do so. In other words, agents don’t like actors who are always calling and wondering when the next auditions will come, but rather like actors who are proactive and who know how to take care of themselves.
d. actors who will represent them well in auditions, which means who conduct themselves in a professional way during the audition, who are prepared for the audition and who are on time for the audition and who know how to audition. It’s important to know that there is a difference between acting on set and auditioning. Auditioning is like the serve in tennis. Acting on set or on stage is like the volley. They are two similar, but different skill sets and you must know how to do both.

How to get an agent: fourth question
How much do talent agents get paid?
Talent agents in the United States traditionally get 10% of what the actor earns for a job. The way it works is like this. You go to the acting audition. If you book the job, you actually go and do the acting job. After you have done your part, the agent will be paid the entire sum of money that you earned. Then, the agent is authorized to keep 10% of that money and will then give you the rest, which is 90%. That’s it. That’s how it works if you book a job through an agent.

In the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course we go through all the steps, one by one on how to get an agent. There are two modules dedicated to this argument.