37 acting auditions, 10 acting jobs and almost $4,000 in just 10 weeks!

Here’s how I got 37 acting auditions from more than 200 submissions, booked 10 acting jobs and made almost $4,000 in just 10 weeks. I want to share everything I did with you. Click on the image here below or on one of the links in this blog post to download this, one of my most sought-after ebooks I’ve ever written!

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My First Three Months (in my acting career)

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I’ve met a lot of people over the last few years here online who come to me because they are struggling to start their acting career.

  • They don’t have an agent.
  • Can’t get one.
  • No luck finding auditions.
  • They find one audition once every blue moon!
  • Many get one acting job every few months. Some get a job once a year.

The reason I built my websites for new actors is because I see it over and over again. The problem isn’t that they don’t want to get more acting auditions and acting work. The problem is that they don’t know how to do it!

How is is possible to get more than 37 auditions, book 10 acting jobs and make almost $4,000 in just 10 weeks? I did that [fname] and I want to share with you how I did it. (I actually worked on 8 of those jobs during the 10 weeks and the other 2 after the three month period was over.(

Originally My First Three Months of my acting career story was meant to be one of the bonuses in the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course and it still is. It is the very first bonus students receive in the first month. At the beginning of this New Year, I have decided to give it to you now, before you enroll in the course. It’s my gift to you.

So here it is. It’s a 40-page ebook, that you can download.

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  • It’s detailed.
  • It’s easy to read.
  • It’s a quick read.
  • It’s information I wish someone would have told me before I got started acting.
  • It’s my story.
  • It’s my gift to you.
  • If you have been struggling to start your acting career, once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down until you finish it!

In the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course, I teach you how to do everything I did in those three months and more. I teach you everything I know and that I did to get those 37 auditions, book those10 acting jobs that made me almost $4,000 in that short time frame. I teach you how you too can get more acting auditions, get more acting work and actually start making some money a lot quicker than you might think!

I’ll close by saying that if you are really serious about starting an acting career, in other words, if starting an acting career is REALLY important to you and you don’t already have a coach or a mentor, the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course and I are just a couple of clicks away.

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Your acting career mentor

Acting auditions: How to get them

Wondering how to get a lot of acting auditions?

Think about this. So many new actors look around on the internet for audition websites. They ask about which websites are the best ones? Which websites have the best auditions and so on. Many of these same people have been trying this method to start their acting careers and even though it isn’t working, the crazy thing is that they keep trying it.

I’m a very practical person. I’ve learned through my corporate career how to figure things out. So if one isn’t finding a lot of acting auditions, here is something to think about.

Which way are you trying to start your acting career and thus get lots of acting auditions?

Starting an acting career

Which method are you trying to start an acting career?

So if you have been trying and trying and not getting anywhere in your acting career, you might want to stop and think a minute about how you are trying to get started. If your method isn’t working for you then, like I say, you have two choices. Either keep doing it and hope for a miracle or do something different.

The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course is designed to help you get started acting within the first few months. It is your mentor, your coach. That’s why I took such care to create more than 40 hours of video that gives you step-by-step instruction and that leaves no stones unturned. You will know exactly what you need to do. But don’t take my word for it. Go and have a look at what Brent Bauer is doing as a result of taking the course.

If you want to get in, we’d love to have you. Go check it out. You can start within just minutes after your payment goes through! That means you can take the first step to acting career success today and finally start getting more acting auditions!



Have you ever felt that something was off in an audition situation?

The rest of the question from one of the students in the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course:

"A few weeks ago I had an audition for a play. It was for a very popular
theatre company in the area. They had a ton of people in that audition situation.
It was a cold read audition only. I received an email that 17 people didn't make
it. The lady who submitted the email said it took her 5 times to
audition before she got a role with this particular theatre! I thought to
myself, "Wow, this is very a competitive and hard company to get involved
with!" Only three times in my lifetime I didn't get a call back for a play.
But the most interesting part was, while I was waiting I could tell a lot
of the actors have worked together in the past and knew the directors.
There was a certain vibe in the air that wasn't quite right. Usually at an
audition I feel great and have a lot of fun. Yes, a little nervous but
fun. I didn't feel anything, everything felt weird. Have you ever
walked into an audition and felt like something was off?"


Yes I have in more than one audition situation and felt that something was off. I have felt in a similar way to what you described. I saw other actors that knew each other and in some cases had worked together on projects. Early on that made me feel uncomfortable.
Later I saw it as a challenge and had too strong of an attitude when I walked into the auditions. I had too much energy and “will to win”, because I took it as a challenge, that I had to beat them. That wasn’t good either and in such cases I didn’t get called back.
Then I realized what I was doing wrong and I learned to be confident, but at the same time relax and that made all the difference in the world.

One of the things we cover in the Home-Study Course is how to best handle yourself in an audition situation.