11 Myths of starting an acting career

Starting an acting career: 11 myths

In addition, many, not all of those people on the left have unrealistic expectations. They think that:

Acting Career Myth #1
– all you have to do is get an agent and you will be set for life: The people who have been trying that for any amount of time already know that it doesn’t work.

Acting Career Myth #2
– all you have to do is get “that one chance” to act in a film and your career will take off: Same thing goes for this point.

Acting Career Myth #3
– all you have to do is to get into a situation in which you will “be discovered” and all will be well: Same thing goes for this point.

Acting Career Myth #4
– you don’t need to take acting classes, because you think you already “have what it takes” to become an actor. After all, everyone tells you that!: The best actors in the world continue to study the craft. Why shouldn’t a brand new actor do it?

Acting Career Myth #5
– you will be able to get all the information and know-how you need to start an acting career at ZERO COST, in other words, without paying anyone anything: Many of these people even believe that anyone who charges you money to give advice (acting career coaches for example) that they are scams.

Acting Career Myth #6
– if you don’t already live there, all you have to do is to show up in LA/Hollywood and things will start to happen for you: The acting business is called “show business” for a reason. It’s not called “show up” and it’s not called “show off”. It’s called show “business” for a reason. Simply being in LA or Hollywood puts you in the lion’s den. If you don’t know how to maneuver, you will be eaten alive!

Acting Career Myth #7
– all you really need in the way of headshots is to get a friend to take some pictures of them.: One of the biggest mistakes that new actors make is getting headshots too soon, before they are ready. As a consequence, the headshots are just plain bad, of poor quality and end up doing more damage than good. You have to know how to choose a headshot photographer. What makes a good headshot and how to make sure that you and your headshot photographer can get that for you!

Acting Career Myth #8
– the first thing to do to start an acting career is to get a headshot, write a quick cover letter and put together a resume, stuff it in an envelope and send it out to one, maybe two agents and then sit back and wait for the phone to ring: Again, those who have been trying that already know that it doesn’t work. It’s important to know what to put on the resume, how to format it, how to write the cover letter and also to know what to do after you have sent out that first package. There are at least 7 to 12 more things to do. You must know what they are. Lastly, it is a MUST to know what you can expect to get as a percentage of responses from your mailings. Here’s a hint: sending out two or three packages won’t get it!

Acting Career Myth #9
– all that is necessary to start an acting career is to be a good actor.: There are lots of good actors who never work, because they don’t know how to get seen by the right people. You MUST know that if you want to have a successful acting career.

Acting Career Myth #10
– if you don’t live in LA, for example, you will be able to just fly over there and back anytime you get an audition. Not true, but there are some things you can do if you don’t live there.

Acting Career Myth #11
– getting that first acting job, means that your acting career will be set for life!: If you believe that, then it means you don’t know what really to expect from your acting career nor do you know what day to day life for an actor trying to get work is. There are three things you need to do first before you start looking for an acting job.

In The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course we go through all those things and more to help people get their acting careers started off in the right direction. If you believed in any of those 11 acting career myths…until now, then I invite you to reflect on this question. What are you going to do now?
You can change all that starting today.