Special Offer Frequently Asked Questions

What is the special offer that Tony has planned?

This offer is all about me making my acting business training online accessible to more people. I’ve listened to what many of you have been asking for and so I thought about and came up with, a way to make it available to more people.

Do I have to go to New York to take advantage of what Tony has to offer? Because if I do, I can’t make it. I live in…

You will be able to take advantage of what I have to offer you from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere you choose. You will only need a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. The offer has nothing to do with a live event or seminar. It is also not an audition. Tony doesn’t audition or find people acting jobs. He helps people to understand the business of acting and help them get agents, auditions and acting work for themselves.

Who is Tony? Why should I listen to what he says? Can I trust him?

Those are all legitimate questions, great questions that you should absolutely be asking. Ultimately, you will have to make that decision. I can only give you something to think about in helping you make that decision. First of all, if you are struggling in some way in your acting career and not getting auditions, don’t have an agent, don’t really have an acting career like you would like to, then continue reading.

Have a look first at http://ActingCareerStartUp.com and have a look at the more than 700 pages of content I created. Make sure to look at the interviews I did with Hollywood casting directors, such as April Webster, casting director for Mission Impossible and other big blockbuster films. I interviewed her for example at her home in Hollywood. I also interviewed Gary Spatz, who is the founder of the Playground acting school in Hollywood, who is the number one Disney acting coach, Jeff Alan-Lee, acting teacher who started the career of Scarlet Johanson for example, talent agents, actors, career and acting coaches like Bernard Hiller, the premier acting coach who does acting master classes in countries around the world and has guests like Al Pacino, Samuel L. Jackson, Hollywood directors and countless others, acting teachers and more. I’ve interviewed those people and many more actors, casting directors, talent agents, actors and other industry professionals.

Together with my experience starting acting, which I will tell you all about, they all have helped me to put together some great programs, courses and seminars for all of you. ActingCareerStartUp.com since it’s founding nine years ago has had over 1 million visitors. There’s a reason for that!

Go have a look at ActingCareerQuickStart.com and once you sign up and go to the page with “the secret”, go down to the bottom of that page and see all the content that’s in that course that it took me literally a year to build. And don’t forget to go to the Testimonials page and see what people are saying about the course.

And finally, if you still want to know more about me, again, a very legitimate question, then go to Amazon.com and do a search for the book: Acting Career Start-Up 101: the real first steps or Acting Career Start-Up: Four Key Factors for Success and take a peek inside to have a look at the table of contents.
I think after doing those things, you will have a pretty good idea who I am, how much I know about the acting business and how qualified I am to be able to help people get their acting careers started or get them moving.

Is what you have to offer good for me if I live in France, Canada, Australia or any country outside the United States?

Yes and here’s why. First of all, there are some 30 countries represented in the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course. Students mainly from the United States, but also from Canada, Australia, the UK, South Africa, Russia, France, Germany and other countries all over Europe, the middle east and Africa and Asia.

Why would people sign up for a course that is in English language and made by a guy from New York? And is that course really good in other countries around the world?

Yes, because while everyone is different, people are different, cultures are different and in fact in the Home-Study Course there are three modules that need to be customized to the local country culture you live in, that’s 3 modules out of the 24 modules. For example one of those modules has to do with actor Unions. Obviously you will need to find those yourself in some cases where I don’t look those up for you, but the concept of how to contact them, when you should sign up and so forth, is the same as in the U.S.

So back to the question about whether Tony’s offer will be good in your country, the answer is absolutely yes!

What’s the deadline “thing” all about?

You will find out on Sunday. It simply has to do with the amount of time that the offer will be available. That’s why I said that once you receive the email on Sunday, you need to act quickly, because from that moment, the clock begins ticking. Once it’s too late, it’s too late and the offer will no longer be available. You will hopefully understand why the time limit when you see what the offer is.

Are there any people who have gone through Tony’s program who have gotten results?

You can find them here on the testimonials page.

But this one speaks for itself.

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