How long does it take to start an acting career?

Ever wonder how long it will take to start an acting career?

Some people say that it all depends if you can get into the right acting audition websites.

Some people will tell you that if you can get someone to introduce you to an agent, you’ll be all set.

Still others will tell you that if you can just get someone to give you that one chance, that you can make it.

Want the real truth? None of those things are true. The real answer of how long it will take to start an acting career has to do with your approach or the method you use. If your approach is the right one, you can get there a lot faster, which means getting a couple of agents to represent you, frequent auditions and regular acting work. On the other hand if you have the wrong approach, it can take you forever to get to where you want to be if you even get there at all. The graph below shows what I mean.

start acting

Which one of these methods are you using to start your acting career?

Lots of Wasted Time and Energy

So many new actors waste a lot of time, energy, hope and money trying to figure things out for themselves. It’s a shame, because statistics say that they don’t get very far. As a matter of fact, anyone who has been trying to get an agent for a long time and hasn’t been able to get one or who has been trying desperately to pick up some auditions by submitting to websites with no success knows what I’m talking about.

The fastest way to get your acting career started

So just how long will it take for you to start your acting career? If you a REALLY good student who can pick up the right book, read it and apply everything that’s in it to get your desired results then great. You can get there faster than the person who tries to figure it all out for himself.

The best way to get the best results in any area of your life including starting an acting career is to find someone who will mentor you. That means finding a person who knows the business, who has already started getting acting work quickly (which is what all new actors want right?), who is able to teach you what you need to know, willing to teach you and who is also someone you can trust.

That’s what the fastest way to get your acting career started is all about: Step-by-step instruction on video with downloadable materials and presentations, personalized email support, monthly coaching calls, mp3 files of all the videos each week. I challenge anyone to find anything like it in the entire industry that you can do like this online and right from your home and no matter what country you are in.

The fastest way to get your acting career started

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