Acting Career Teammates

Your acting career teammates

I recently got an email from a young lady who told me that she was thinking of getting a couple of mentors and she ask me what I thought. Here below you will find my answer:


All you need is one good mentor, who will teach you the business of acting. That’s it.

You will also need some other people on your team though, all of whom can mentor you in their areas of competence. Your acting career teammates are:

* acting teacher: don’t take one on one training if you are just starting out. It’s better to get into a group environment. It will help you learn more than if you are working only with an acting coach alone. As you progress, you might need different kinds of acting teachers depending on what kind of actress you would like to bez and what you would like to specialize in.
* career coach (could also be your mentor, but they will cost you usually on the average $75 – $110 per hour)
* headshot photographer
* headshot retoucher
* reliable and good-quality headshot reproductions service
* webmaster
* reliable and good-quality actor reel production service
* talent agent (or agents)

Is it clear now how many acting career teammates you need and how many mentors you need?

Once again, all you need is one mentor to guide you through all those things and teach you how to get through all of them successfully and who will help you make sure you get them done so that you can not only become a good actor, but also make sure you learn the business and learn how to get seen and known by the right people (casting directors, agents, etc.)

Can you still make it if you don’t have all acting career teammates? Sure, but what we’re talking about here is helping you to increase the probability of your making it. The other thing to consider is that it also depends on what your definition is of “making it” as an actor. If for you it means just getting an occasional audition and being happy with that so you can tell your friends you got an extra part in a movie with a big star, then don’t waste your time on programs like mine. You don’t need it.

If on the other hand you want to build a successful career, then come see me, contact me and I will be your mentor, unless of course you find all the information that you will find in the home-study course for actors from a trustworthy source and all in one place AND in a step-by-step fashion AND with personalized coaching month to month. By the way, if you find a program like that, please let me know too!

I will guide you through everything from a-z including how to find the acting career teammates you need.

3 thoughts on “Acting Career Teammates

  1. I would absolutely love to start my acting career with this program, but unfortunately, i dont have the money at this time. I am only 14 years old. My birthday is July 20. When i grow up ive always wanted to be an actor on Disney Channel. I think i just have to find the right people to work with and i think you guys would be great…

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