The dream of becoming an actor: How to get an unfair advantage!

The dream of becoming an actor: How to get an unfair advantage!

In my one-of-a-kind Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course I will actually teach you and above all, SHOW YOU exactly what you need to do on video so that within six months, you can be working as an actor (if you follow what I say and show you). Here are some of the things I did to ensure my early success when I first became interested in acting, maybe just like you are now.

1. the absolute fastest way is to start an acting career
2. what actors can learn from Wall Street investors
3. what the concept of type is all about and why it’s important to know that concept if and only IF you want to realize your dream of becoming an actor
4. what makes a good headshot
5. how to contact talent agents and casting directors and talent agents
6. what you need to know as a foreigner in general if you want to go to the US for any length of time to study acting
7. how to choose the right acting school for you to help you pursue your dream of becoming an actor
8. where the acting schools are in your area
9. how much an acting career will cost you to start and maintain
10. what goes into a good acting cover letter
11. how to properly format your acting resume to keep it from getting trashed, which in turn will help you realize your dream of becoming an actor
12. what to put on your acting resume even if you don’t have experience acting
13. what goes into a good actor reel
14. What the actor unions are all about

That’s a lot of stuff to study, but doing so will give you an unfair advantage over all the others out there trying to become actors like you.

You can either do it alone or I can help you in the Acting Career Quick Start Home Study Course step-by-step.

Let me help you realize your dream of coming an actor in less than 6 months from now. Just think of how long it will take you without any help at all!

12 thoughts on “The dream of becoming an actor: How to get an unfair advantage!

  1. i want to be a actor but i do not have support at home if u help me u are my family and when i become a actor i will notify u for the hard work #actingislitmylife

  2. i have a actor/coach chris cardona that i have to see at the studio on long island in suffolk county . creative house li. i am a very talent guy. i can sing in other peoples voice. mostly country, i can do 30 to 40 voices and create voices aswell. yet all i ever had was one lesson from edge studio in new york over the phone. jay snyder. how do i join this school to do at home. and what do you recomend. if you ever heard my voices youguys would laugh. please get back to me

  3. Am interested Tony. I have a talent in acting, dancing and singing. I am also very creative. Please help

  4. I’m searching for my true teacher (guru) but don’t know it maybe you Tony because I’m mad about acting…

  5. I am very ready to quick start acting,I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for so long.soo m interested

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