Improvisation acting and starting an acting career

Improvisation acting …and what you can learn about starting an acting career

If you don’t mind, I have a couple of questions for you.

Do you know what improvisation acting is? Have you ever taken improv acting classes?
Improvisational acting sometimes called improv is a form of acting that is actually created in the moment. That means there is no planning involved. It means doing whatever comes to mind in the moment.

Now, if you practice improvisation acting that enough, you can get to become good at it, but you still need a base. Taking acting classes and learning how to become good at improve is essential. Taking acting classes to learn how to “be in the moment” is essential. Taking acting classes to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin is essential.

So what’s this mean to starting an acting career?

Great, so that’s improvisation acting. What’s that have to do with starting an acting career?
It is a metaphor. You see, many people choose to improvise in their efforts to start their acting careers. 99% of the time it doesn’t work. Why? Because the people who do that, for the most part have no base to start from. They are starting from scratch, have no practice at improvising this type of thing and as a result, they get nowhere. No industry contacts. No agent. No auditions and guess what else? No acting jobs. So what to do about it if that is your situation?

Having a plan for starting your acting career is much better and will increase your chances of success!

Plan to start your acting career. That’s right. Plan. Planning is important and there are several things you need to do to start to plan your successful start to your acting career. First, there are the three things you see in this video. I could write them again, but it is much more effective if you watch me talk about them. So, first you need to do those three things and then you need to dig into each one of them.

Learn the business!

Learning the business of acting is so, so important and it’s so ridiculous that many people don’t want to take the time to do that. Why? Because in the age of reality television and America’s Got Talent, people think that they can just show up and get lucky and…make it. It happens only in about 0.00001% of the time. That’s how many people are out there trying for the same thing you do. Learning the business means learning how to get noticed, how to get yourself on the radar of casting directors and talent agents. It means learning how to get yourself auditions whether you have an agent or not. It means knowing what the industry expects of you and giving them what they want! It means learning how to sell yourself and market yourself in the industry.

To beat out your competition, you need to…

Remember this. If you really want to beat out your competition, all you have to do is to work harder and smarter than they do. To beat out most of your competition in the acting world, all you have to do, besides learning the craft and doing it for the right reasons, is learn the business. Learning the business of acting will help you understand that if you really want results, you can’t improvise. Getting auditions repeatedly and building relationships with casting directors and talent agents is not likely to happen if you approach it like you do improvisation acting or just trying to figure out what to do in the moment.

This is what I did.

My approach which helped me get myself submitted for more than 200 auditions, actually get to audition 37 times, get 10 acting jobs and make a little more than $4,000 in less than 3 months, is all about learning the business of acting. It sounds like a daunting thing, but it’s really not that difficult if you just have a method.

That’s what the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course is all about. It’s a step-by-step video series that not only tells you what to do, but actually shows you what you need to do to finally start your acting career. So, if you want to stop treating starting your acting career like improvisation acting, then learn the business side of it and you will see that your world will change right before your very eyes. You’ll finally start to experience what working as an actor is really all about. Just think how good that will feel.

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8 thoughts on “Improvisation acting and starting an acting career

  1. Hey Tony I’m setting here wishing for a acting job. I’m born with a wonderful sence of humer and so many people tell me that I should establish myself with acting. If you could I would appreciate it if you could tell me where I could meet with YOU so you’ll see, hear, and know that I want to act in as many jobs I can get and help this company with its flaws. I really mean what I say.

  2. Hi Tony, so I have been going to drama classes at school and have been doing some workshops. I have researched loads on acting and I know I really want to act. I have been to a good performing arts club but stopped as I didn’t think there was enough acting. I am 12 and have found a really good acting club near me The Pauline Quirke Academy it does a lot of film work it does some westend shows as well as film festivals in London it also has exams and some special classes all included, but one thing that stood out to me was that it had an agency for pqa students. My parents know I really want to go but we are tight on money, it is £86 a month. I have stopped some of my sports(gymnast) and have got quite a bit of money that I could use to pay and the rest could be a birthday and Christmas present. I don’t know if my parents will let me use my money though, my dad should be okay with it but maybe not my mum. Sorry this was so long but do you have any ideas as to what I could say or do. I plan to do more drama to show how much I want to do it at school. I’m sorry for the length but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Hey I was curious as to how to find acting auditions! I’ve always wanted to be an actor. My family doesn’t support it so I’m on my own and that makes it quite difficult! Please let me know if u have any info

  4. i want to learn about the acting business & move forward maybe take acting classes or something so it maybe a lot of work i’m willing to step up & follow my dreams just to make come true this is what i want to do & have a successful dream

  5. I want to to become a actress and you can gave me that opportunity to become a actress. if you want to to do the course I will love to if you gave me that opportunity to become a actress I have a little of experience in acting because I do performing arts and I do now what acting is all about and I can do acting.
    so thank once again
    P.S so can you gave me a call on my phone this is my number
    thank sincerely

  6. Hello Mr. Tony, as most people here I have had a longing desire to act but like many I am tight on money. Being a teenager there isn’t a lot I can do to help my parent with bills. I can’t afford expensive acting classes but I love to entertain people. To have people enjoying watching me perform gives me the best feeling ever but with my families money issue I may not be able to live out my dream .

  7. Hi, Tony! My name is Terrance and I recently graduated from an acting school, John Casablancas. These classes also included improvisation and runway. I am really looking forward to advancing further in acting and/or modeling.

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