Acting in LA: What should I do?

Question about Acting in LA

Hi Tony,
I live in Sweden and I want to go to LA to start an acting career. I was thinking about moving there, getting a job in a cafe and then start looking for acting work. What do you think?

TONY’S answer about acting in LA

Hello, I received your message and here is what I would tell you.

I would start to learn the business of acting before you go to LA.
Going there and getting a job in a cafe is not a good strategy. You will spend too much time there trying to figure things out. You should figure out as much as possible before go, otherwise you will spend a lot of time working, needing to make money to live off of and won’t have time for your acting career. You might then end up like many who do that and never end up starting an acting career at all.
That’s why I created The Acting Career Quick Start Home–Study course. It helps you understand and DO what you need to do before you go. You will know what the business is all about and how to move around in the LA market for example.
That link for those interested in acting in LA and in other places in the USA can be found here. Watch the videos and look down the page about what the program has to offer. Whether you want to invest in the program or not (It comes out to either 83 cents per day over six months if you get the entire program all at once or $1.23 per day if you do the monthly program), you will need to get all that information before you go to minimize the time it will take you to start your career when you are there and to minimize your costs while getting started (rent, car, food, etc.).

If you are interested in acting in the USA and you don’t have the money, then you can use this website and this quick guide to going to the USA to study acting, but using this website will take a while, because you don’t get everything step-by-step like you do in the paid program. You have to browse the site and figure out what you need and look for it and then figure out how to put it into practice for yourself.
10 things to do if you want to study acting in the USA:

For acting in LA or for working as an actor or studying acting in the USA:

Acting schools in LA:

Let me know if I can help in any other way.

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