Acting Goals: 5 questions + 5 reasons why most people never achieve their goals

Acting Goals:
5 important questions for actors + 5 reasons why most people never achieve their goals

I decided to make this video for all of you, my friends at for the beginning of this new year. Why? Because it’s the time for New Year’s messages. You know, the ones that say, “I hope you achieve your dreams” and stuff like that. Well, I wanted to create a video for you that tells you how to reach your dreams, whatever they are, acting or anything else. But let’s focus on your acting career.

Before you look at the video here below, think about these questions BEFORE YOU SET NEW ACTING GOALS that you once again risk not achieving, start to think about why you haven’t achieved those goals and how you can increase your chances of achieving the new ones you set for yourself. Here are the questions to help you think about your acting goals.


a. Where were you in your acting career, with regard to your acting goals 12 months ago? Think about it. On a scale from 1 – 10 where were you? 1 means that you were nowhere, no acting auditions, didn’t know what to do, no agent, not in acting school. Nothing. 10 means that you were a successful working actor making a full-time living only from acting. Where were you 12 months ago?

b. Where are you today with regard to your acting goals, in your acting career? On a scale from 1 – 10 where are you? Think about it. If you are here reading this, then I can only imagine where you must be, but that’s ok. Just keep reading. 1 means you are still nowhere, no better off than you were last year this time. 10 means that you have made significant progress, at the top of your game. Where are you?

c. Are the things that you have been doing over the last 12 months to start your acting career actually, to reach your acting goals working for you? Are they helping you to get auditions, get an agent, learn the business, learn how to get casting directors to call you in for auditions, get acting auditions, etc.?

d. Where will you be in your acting career 12 months from today if you keep doing those things? In other words if what you have been doing to reach your acting goals is working and you are getting results, then of course you will want to keep doing those things. If on the other hand, those things that you have been trying are NOT working for you, then I ask you, where will you be in 12 months if you keep doing them? That brings me to the last question.

e. Now that you have thought about where you were 12 months ago in your acting career, the things you have been doing to start your acting career and whether they are working for you or not, now the question is, what are you going to do?

VIDEO: 5 Characteristics your goals need to have = 5 reasons why most people never achieve their goals

NOW you can start thinking about your acting goals that you want to set for yourself for this year. Now is the time, after you have thought about what you have done, what’s worked and what didn’t. Now you can set new acting goals in a smarter and more intelligent way, avoiding the same old mistakes and increase your chances for success. How do you do that?

When you set goals of any kind for anything you want to achieve in life, you will want to make sure that there are 5 characteristics that your goals have. In other words, there are 5 mistakes that people make when setting goals that end up being the reason why most people never achieve those goals they set. That’s what this video is all about. It could be a great time investment for you I like to be concrete and practical and so I will share this video with you.


One last thing. Remember that big goals are made up of little goals. Don’t try and set one big, huge goal, because you risk being disappointed because you can’t achieve it all at once. Setting goals that are too big can be overwhelming. Break your big goal down into little, bite-sized chunks, each of which are easier to reach by themselves. Reach each little goal one by one and you will see that you will slowly make progress to achieving your bigger goal.

In conclusion

The key to achieving your acting goals is this. If you have been doing things over the last 12 months that have been helping you, then keep doing them. Congratulations.
If you have been doing things over the last 12 months that have not been helping you, then you have two choices. Either keep doing them and getting nowhere, or change something.
If you want to change something towards meeting your acting goals, The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Video Course could be exactly what you need to finally start doing the right things in the right order and finally getting your acting career off the ground!

I not only wish for you that you achieve your dreams in this New Year, I also hope to have showed you how to make them come true. All the best!

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6 thoughts on “Acting Goals: 5 questions + 5 reasons why most people never achieve their goals

  1. 1# I Not Like Stunts Myself And Character
    2# Lesson Steven Seaguel And David Belle
    3# Animation Movie And Tv Animated
    4# Start Early Act
    5# I Do Voice Acting

  2. I’ve trying so hard to become an actor,i once did an audition for a commercial movie n’i passed.then i started attending the workshops only to find out that i was fooled n the person took my money.that was 12 months ago.can you please help me i want to be an actor,acting is my career*how do i attend your classes?

    • Hello and thanks for contacting me and for your interest in my course. You can just go here to this link and you will find all the information to sign up:
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      At any rate, I just want to make sure you know what is in the course:

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      Let me know if you need help. I’m here.

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