Acting Question from a US Marine

Acting Question from a US Marine:

Hi Tony,
I’m currently 19 years old and in the US Marines.
I’ll be 24 when I get out and already know that I want to
become an actor. What do you recommend I do in the meantime,
so that when I get out of the service, I’ll be as close to being ready as possible?
And also, do you think that 24 will be too old to start acting?

Tony’s answer to that acting question:

No 24 isn’t too old, but if you are only 19 now and already know that you want to act, then I would recommend doing the following:

Answer 1 to your acting question: Start saving your money and/or investing it wisely. If you are really serious about wanting to start an acting career, then you will need to be self-sufficient for at least a year so that you can get started and hit the ground running. Otherwise you risk spending a whole lot of time and wasting a whole lot of money getting started. It’s really difficult to start an acting career while you are working a nine-to-five job.

Answer 1a to your acting question: See if you can build yourself a stream of residual/passive income now so that it will be in place when you get out of the military, you will be able to be making money without going to work. That will free you up for studying acting and marketing yourself. Here is an excellent idea to do that if you have something that you are truly passionate about.

Answer 2 to your acting question: Start to learn the business Tim. The vast majority of people out there have stars in their eyes and have no clue how much work this really is and that it takes a lot more than just simply getting an agent or being discovered. You have to know how to get yourself discovered, seen, noticed and not just once, but you need to know how to do it over and over again continuously. You need to know not only how to get an agent, but also know how to keep one and how to work together with your agent, how to find jobs and auditions on your own. All that takes a skill all of its own.

Answer 3 to your acting question: If you have time, I would already start to take some acting classes so that you can even see if you like acting. That will get you a jump start when you get out.

Answer 4 to your acting question: Having been in the military myself, even though I wouldn’t dare to compare the Air Force with the Marines, I know about discipline and hard work, rules, getting hard-core and concrete results. I would say that you are being trained mentally for what you will need to be successful as an actor. That my friend is very important and not to be underestimated. It will serve you well. That’s precisely why I created my home study course, to a) give people everything they need in one place and not only tell them what to do, but also show them how to do it and b) help people stay on track and disciplined by sending them their modules each week and also giving them homework to make sure they get done what they need to get done.

So, you asked if I can help you.

I have a website (actually it is this one that you are on now) that is a step-by-step home-study course video series that walks you through the process and has you doing things as you go
The investment is $37 per month and this is what you will learn:
(This refers to the second answer to your acting question)

• The different types of acting careers and which one is right for you
• How to choose the RIGHT school for you, interview the teachers to ensure
you get the right
teacher for you
• The 16-step actor marketing process that will teach you how to get in
touch with and build relationships with the casting directors and agents
you NEED to know
• How to properly format your resume and know what to put on it even if
you don’t have any experience
• How to write a cover letter to make sure you actually get the attention
of the agents and casting directors you write to and so that they don’t
throw your actor headshot/resume/cover letter in the trash!
• How to get dynamic headshots that jump off the page!
• How to determine your type so that you will funnel all your marketing
efforts in the right direction for you success
• A sure-fire way to budget your money to make sure you get the most out
of the little money you have
• Learn what successful actors are doing and what they have in common,
what their habits are that you can very easily model
• How to significantly increase your chances of getting called in for
auditions through audition website submissions and why most who try to get
auditions that way never get called in
• How to avoid scams in the acting industry
• How to put together a plan for your acting career and make sure you stay
on track
• Get and keep an agent: you’ll learn what agents and casting directors
are actually looking for and how to give them what they want so that they
WANT to work with you.
• How to get casting directors to call you in directly for auditions
without going through your agent first
• Much, much more

And this is what the course consists of, what you will get:
(Concrete tools to answer your acting question and any others you might have)

• Step-by-step instructional videos that teach you exactly what you need
to do to get started and that actually show you how to do it, A total of
more than 40 hours of step-by-step instruction which has you DO everything
you need to do as you go along. The videos are sent to you each week in an
email and you will be able to access them online anytime you want.
• Downloadable support materials with each module, that you can print out
and keep for your own personal reference.
• Mp3 audio files of each video that you can download to your smartphone
and listen to whenever you want and wherever you are.
• 4 bonuses: 1.5 hour video courses
• 5 unannounced bonuses,
• your own headshot and marketing evaluation complete with a storyline
written just for you to help you understand how people in the acting
industry see you, and with personalized tips and advice on how to market
yourself so that you can finally get yourself noticed
• a monthly personal one-to-one Skype call with me each month in which you
will talk with him exclusively about your own personal situation and about
what YOU need to succeed and how to do it as quickly as possible,
• email support for any questions or support you might need anytime you
need it, ongoing

Let me know how I can help.

In other words, this is a mentorship program.

The absolute best answer could possibly have to your acting question:

Fellow Actor
and Creator of
the first ever
Acting Career Quick Start
Home-Study Course
and someone who
genuinely wants to see
you happy doing
what you love: Acting

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  1. Thank you Tony-This was helpful and I thoroughly agree with your stressing the importance of discipline. Setting a schedule and routine and follwing steps is not only wise and helpful. I have found it is producing results.

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