Start Acting at Juilliard or in an Acting Studio?

Start Acting at Juilliard or in an Acting Studio?


Hi Tony,
I’m in my 30’s and want to start an acting career. My dilemma is whether to go to the prestigious Julliard School in New York for four years or to go to a studio, study acting there and look for acting work at the same time. With your experience in the industry and the websites you have built for new actors, I would really appreciate knowing what you think I should do.


Hello Brad,

first of all, thank you for contacting me.

The question I have is, if you want to start acting at Juilliard, will you be able to study full-time without having to work to pay rent and eat? That is an important consideration.

Clearly, having a degree from Juilliard will open doors for you. It will get you recognition in the industry if you market yourself so as to take full advantage of that degree.

Going the other route is can also work for you, but the key to success in my opinion is really something else. It’s character James. It’s all going to come down to how much you really want this. I’m going to give you a couple of metaphors starting from far away from your situation and then bring it home.

Start acting at Juilliard or somewhere else: Metaphors

People create wonderful retail environments, beautiful stores, but they either are in the wrong locations or they don’t know how to market themselves. The moral: having a beautiful store is not worth much if you don’t know how to get traffic to it. The same goes for websites.
That’s one problem associated with stores and websites.
Another is that the people running them often don’t want to learn how to market and sell their products and services. Why? Because they are creative people. They have no desire whatsoever to worry about those things. And thus, the store owner spends his days decorating the store and worrying about displays that will make his store look great. The website owner spends his days making design adjustments and creating content. Neither has the desire nor the knowledge to do what it takes to get recognition, traffic, visitors, etc.
And so…once they finally realize that their businesses aren’t going anywhere, they close down. The website stays online, but goes stagnant.

Get the picture?

Start acting at Juilliard or somewhere else

If you really want to get work James, you don’t have to start acting at Julliard, but you could go the second route, get into a really good studio and look for jobs at the same time and make it work for you, but you will need to learn the business of acting. Yes, work on your craft, but ultimately what will make the difference is knowing how to get yourself recognized in the industry so that you get regular auditions and book regularly.

Have you seen The Acting Career Quick Start presentation page?
If not, I invite you to have a look at it. James, you asked me a question and I want to give you an answer, not sell you the course. But on that page, you will see all the things listed that are in the course. With that I want to convey to you that those are the things you need to learn IN ADDITION TO great training in order to be able to drastically increase your chances of success in this very tough, very competitive business that is overly saturated with people who want to become actors. So, like I say, whether you get that information from me or from someone else, if you really want this James, you need to get it, know it and do it.
But before you do that, the most important thing is your motivation. You need to be driven like a race horse. This needs to be a mission for you, something that you desire more than anything else.

Start acting at Juilliard or somewhere else

Without that kind of motivation and even with a degree from Julliard, you risk having a beautiful store that gets little or no traffic, not enough sales to keep it open and that never ends up taking off. Or having a website that is beautiful, but that gets very few visitors. You risk being one of hundreds of thousands of actors who don’t get much if any acting work and have to end up changing careers, because they can’t make ends meet. Why? Because they don’t know the business.

The support you will need to wanting to start acting at Julliard or anywhere else is to learn the business.

I never tell people what to do James, but give them food for thought.
The decision is yours.

Good luck.

Fellow Actor
and Creator of
the first ever
Acting Career Quick Start
Home-Study Course

and someone who
genuinely wants to see
you happy doing
what you love: Acting

6 thoughts on “Start Acting at Juilliard or in an Acting Studio?

  1. hi im 13 and i always wanted to be on tv mostly disney channel im 4’9
    im in 8th grade i been to plenty of casting calls i been to two call backs and i been locking for a mentor or someone with more expirence than me to help me

  2. I am 52 years old and I’ve been fortunate enough to have lead roles here in Michigan, but lately acting work has been none at all, what can I do or is there an auditioning website I can go to to help me find acting work??

  3. I am 13 and really want to act, my parents are supporting it too, but I don’t really know how to get started. I can’t go to an acting school because of money but I want to go to additions, just to learn because I doubt I will get in… yet. But I think the worst they could say is know, plus I’m hoping they might give me helpful advice. I can also sing.

  4. I’m 15 years old I love acting , acting basically equals up to how much I love my own mom , I’ve been acting since 5 never been in a expert field before I would like my dreams to come true by living my dram Acting mean so much to me

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