How to start acting

I know that some of you guys on this mailing list are on vacation now.

Others have informed me that they are involved in 5 or 6 week intensive acting classes.

And still others…unfortunately are beating their heads against the wall, trying desperately to figure out how the heck to start getting some auditions and some acting work!

If you happen to be in the last category, here is some friendly advice from yours truly. If you have been trying to get your acting career going and haven’t had any luck, then I strongly advise you to try these three things immediately.

1. Sit down and write down the specific things you have been doing and actions you have been taking to start your acting career.

2. Sort the things on your list into two categories:

a. what is working

b. what is not working

3. Stop doing the things that are not working.

4. Start doing more of the things that are working.

5. If nothing that you have been trying is working, or the things that are working aren’t really making a big difference, then ask yourself a very important question.

What am I willing to do to get my acting career off the ground…finally?

6. Write down your answer to that question and hang it up someplace where you will always see it and keep it as a constant reminder.

7. Do it!

If all else fails, then get yourself some help, someone who really knows how to help you. My program, The First and Only Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course will guide you through the entire process of starting your acting career with step-by-step video instruction, downloadable materials, email support, personal one-to-one coaching calls each month, a free headshot evaluation and more.

But, if for some reason you don’t want to take my course, then I advise you to get that SAME INFORMATION and in the SAME WAY from someone else, like a good mentor can give you.

If you have any questions, just let me know. I’m here to help!
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9 thoughts on “How to start acting

  1. Hey I Was Wondering . To Ask This Question . My Question Is Do You Really Have To Take Acting Class.? I Was Wondering If Acting School Is Free? Tryna Figure Out What’s Best For Me To Start Off. Please Help Just Asking A Question. Thanks Have A Bless Day

  2. I really want to start it but I live in Hong Kong. how can I start acting with big star like helen mirren, michelle pfeiffer, maggie smith, emma thompson ect?

  3. How would put in a cover letter what your type is? For example, for an actor type I am a Steve Correll type. For a person type, I am the down to earth funny neighbor, or bar tender.


  4. My biggest problem currently is location. Even the few acting classes we have where I live hardly qualify as being acting classes. Most are college programs that are aimed more at teaching, two are schools run by actors with one major film credit from back in the 1990s to their name, and of the two decent ones, one is a stage program that is fairly reputable from what I have heard, and the other is at UNCSA. I have decided to go ahead and prepare for the move to New York or Los Angeles so that I can get the training I want, as well as bring in clientele in my survival business. I am hoping I am only a year out from my move.

  5. first i want to say did you guys see my picture

    and To Be onest i dont know any thing and i never have act before

    i live with my family i have autisme my Father is very sig i mee and my brother help him to the W.C. and he cant walk

    i realy have a very beautiful soft voice and when i speak i say the words very beautiful even when i speak Danish people say you dont have any acent

    you speak like a danish person

    To be Onest i dont know any thing maybe you guys can help mee

  6. i Realy Want To Work Hard and do the things You guys want mee to do

    i Live in Denmark i Realy want to act Love every Thing About Acting

    The Way i Talk Feel The emotion and Breath Smile every thing

  7. Thank you so much for this great advice and motivation.

    I am so caught up in my fulltime 9/5 job that I even forget what I really want to do in life and that’s to be an working actor.

    I need to get busy again, I’ve tried alot but obviously not enough.

    Thanks alot for this message.

  8. Hey, I truly love acting. It’s just so hard to succeed in this industry without alot if money, what do you recommend me to do. I have a job, but that money goes to my to rent. I would love to take your course, but my funds won’t allow it. Do you do some kind of payment plan?

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