Should I take this acting program?

QUESTION: with regard to this specific acting program in LA.

I am 18,live in the UK and have applied to study Drama at
University in September. I have signed up to a company called XXX XXXXXXX (I’m hiding the name on purpose.) that helps actors from all over the world to come to LA, train at Stella Adler and audition in front of 30 of the best agents, plus much more. They have replied to me saying they are interested. Would you recommend to go ahead with a company like this? If so, I can always defer my entry at university.


My advice is, that if that is your only plan to getting your career started, that you should go ahead with the university now. Before you choose a school, you should look around first.

Before you do that, you should understand some basic things about the acting business and know what it will mean for you. Things like this.

and this

I’ll also give you the first month’s module to my Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course:
If you haven’t taken the necessary steps to ensure that you are preparing to have a successful start to your acting career, then it’s a waste of time and money.
Either go to school. OR Make a serious commitment to do those three things you saw on the video link above to get your career started.

And if you really want to commit, then do this. It’s the fastest way I know to get started.

I hope this answers your question.

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