How you start an acting career: 3 Things you need to do to start an acting career

Here’s how you start an acting career. These are the first three things you need to do!


I’m not going to offer you acting lessons, because I am not an acting teacher.

I can’t possibly know if you are doing this for the right reasons. Only you can know that.

But I can help you with the third thing you need to do to start your acting career.

So…are you doing these three things or not? Leave a comment here below.


13 thoughts on “How you start an acting career: 3 Things you need to do to start an acting career

  1. Hi,I just viewed your video and as an aspiring actor I find myself in this boat” you speak of.I have been persueing this off and on for a little over 12 years now and still no agent.Ive done mass extra work,Im enrolled in work-shops,have head-shots,have been submitting them and still I feel Im lost from something.Do you have any advice or tools to offer.I really feel by this time it would be worth the investement as I feel you are knowledgable and sincere about this.I would greatly appreciate it.Thankyou….

  2. Hi Anthony! i totally agree. i have been working hard on the craft as took training for five years with an acting coach and now doing the same at Sag-Aftra and do work with agent and also do have a business sense too as have a degree in Business and love to act as long as it is good quality and as for being in the Business for long needs to pay good too. i don’t mind the pay being low as long as i do not have financial crisis at home and is quality movie for example if Spielsberg or anyone known comes and i know it is a well known director so his movie is going to be shown everywhere and is going to be of highest quality won’t be like u won’t get your dvd, role cut off, voice not working etc etc then i can give leeway of not paying otherwise it is a Business and we work really hard for our talent, business sense etc and like Antoine Silverman Said “We are highly skilled professionals and deserved to be Pai for our Talent….

  3. Hey Tony, hope you are well. I’m watching you from all the way in Nairobi Kenya and I have to say, the moment you defined ‘doing it for the right reasons’ in this video, I was so relived to hear someone else say it. I have always wanted to learn acting because it is my calling and passion. have gone to a few auditions for industrial work, but almost always I feel that something is missing. In essence the number one question that hits me at auditions is ‘do you know what you are doing?’ and for the longest time the answer was no. this was very scary because I hate going anywhere unprepared. I have had very few industrial work but I joined a local theater group and that is how I am currently educating myself in the craft of acting. I felt that since I don’t have the resources to go study the craft I could learn through experiencing the real thing through theater. I believe it had made me a better person and a better actor since I have been learning from people who have actually studied the craft and in the process, I managed to find myself a mentor and the growth is steady but my dream is to some day be able to go to really good acting school abroad. I will never give up and thank you for showing rookies like me that there is a technique and procedure that can be followed to start an acting career. God bless you and thank you again.

  4. hi, i realy want to be an actress, and your vidio was helpfull, but how do i learn the buisness? How do i advertise myself? How do i learn the craft?
    i have been in 2 pantos, gone to acting classes that cost £50 per lesson, gone to summer camps and am studing drama in school, i love it but i dont know the HOW. i am doing it for the right reasons, but How do i learn the craft? How do i learn the buisness? How do i advertise myself? i am 13, i live in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. As far as i can find there isnt any auditions near here. only in London. Also, do you think i should get an agent, or sign up for one of the things on the internet that show you some auditions, and let others see your profile? or both?
    but what one should i choose, there are so many agents, so many websites. Please could you answer my questions.
    Please and Thank you,
    Rosalia xxx

  5. Hi, my name is Brandon Rodriguez and I want to become an actor but of course I do gotta do the three things you said to do. Im 15 years old and theirs alot of young actors out their that are young like me and I know its hard to do this kind of work, but i have confidence in myself. This is what I want to do in my life and I know I will enjoy acting as my career. I will need help how to do the buisness and learn tne craft. Im going to be a sophmore and im taking acting classes to help me with my acting I have no experience of acting but I will do what ever it takes to be want I always want to become. Thank you for your video it helped me on what I need to do. I just pray my dreams come true

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  9. Hi Tony!
    My favourite actor is Rami Malek, he is an amazing actor and is a role model to me. I have always wanted to do acting because it would be a lot of fun to do and you can make a living out of it. Anyway, I am not very confident in performing on stage and I get very nervous but, when I do a show I really enjoy it ans even though I am nervous before the show I feel really excited about what I am about to do. By the way, I am 12 and in year 7. So, do you have any tips about how to boost up my confidence? Also, I watches your video with the 3 steps and it helped me understand what you have to know and achieve to become an actor but how do I learn the business and craft?
    Mary 🙂

  10. HI Tony,
    My name is Angeline and I am younger than most people who want to be actors, I am only in High School. I have experience doing on stage work with singing, acting, and dancing and when I was younger I just did it for fun, never imagining that I would want a career in acting. I don’t have a lot of support or a degree like other people but I really don’t care about being famous I just want to know that for the rest of my life I can have the amazing feeling I get when I act now, I just feel so happy and so good about myself and my characters and the feeling is unlike anything. I am willing to work hard and do just about anything to feel the way I do when I’m acting. So how should I go about learning the craft and getting to know the business? What would be my best options as far as a starting point?
    Thank You,

  11. Hi Tony,
    My name is Jorge and I wanted to pursue acting. I’m about to enter high school and I have never truly thought: What do I want to do in life? Sure, when I was little I wanted wild dreams like becoming a major league baseball star or becoming the next Michael Jordan. But until a few weeks ago whenever I wanted those dreams I’ve always wanted the fame, the attention, for my name to be in the bright lights. Then, after watching a bunch of movies and seeing all the behind the scenes productions and even remembering back to my own school production and the behind the scenes works, I loved it. That’s all I can say that I absolutely loved every second of it and when I saw the actors doing it I was in awe and amazement to the point that I thought to myself “wow this is something I could do for the rest of my life” with no regrets whatsoever even without the covers of magazines, the Lamborghinis, and all the other prestigious things. One Disney movie particularly set me of, It’s called Descendants and after seeing it and the behind the scenes craft I took a look into my own heart and thought “wow I’ve been so lazy, but now I can take action and achieve a dream that I can enjoy for the rest of my life.” So I just wanted to know, matter of fact, learn how to get on my journey of learning this craft, this business, and anything else that I can to start this journey.
    Thank you,

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