Which group of aspiring actors do you belong to?

I recently sent out a series of emails in which I offered some advice about how
to make some extra money to fund an acting career. There were lots of responses
from basically four different groups of people.

Here below you will find a description of those four groups and then further down the page you’ll find some comments about each one.

1. People who want something that’s going to be easy and that will make
them a lot of money quickly and or help them get discovered as quickly as
possible by someone who will give them a break, that “one chance”.
2. Teenagers who are still living at home with their parents and who are
not independent enough to decide on their own or to invest money.
3. People who would be willing to try something to make some extra money
as long as it doesn’t cost anything to get started.
4. People who are looking for information on how to start their acting careers
and about how to get the money they need to get started and who are
taking a realistic approach
to go about it.

Some friendly advice

Before I speak further about money or starting an acting career, here is a little
fatherly, brotherly or just plain friendly advice for the folks that are part of those
groups I mentioned above.

Believe me when I say that I know how it is when you want something and don’t
have the money to get it, but my advice to you is to have realistic expectations.
Most things in the world we live in that are worth having will cost at least
something. If you want to start an acting career for example and you have been trying for a
while to get someone to teach you for free how to get started or to teach you how
to make money or to help you meet a casting director or an agent
then you already know that going down that road isn’t getting you
very far. How do I know that? Because if it had you wouldn’t be reading this now.
The other thing worth mentioning is that anything worth having takes hard work
and perseverance to get.

Now here are some comments for the people in each of the groups.

Group 1: Anthony Smith and ActingCareerQuickStart.com are not for you. I’m
looking to build success stories and help people get their careers started. I want to
work with people who are willing to do what’s necessary and work hard. Please
don’t expect freebies from me and don’t expect me to introduce you to agents or
casting directors, get you auditions or give you the entire course for free. Doing
that would be a big mistake, because that’s not how life works. Things just don’t
work that way

There is a saying I really like: “You get what you pay for.” If you get something for
free, then don’t expect it to be all that great.

Group 2: If you are a teen still living at home or if you are dependent upon
someone else and cannot make decisions on your own, you have two choices the
way I see it. You can either get your parents involved to support you in what you
want to do or you can use my free-informational website ActingCareerStartUp.com.
It has literally hundreds of pages of information on it that is all free. The only thing
is that it doesn’t put things in order for you and walk you through the process
step-by-step like the home-study course does. If you really want it, you will take the time
to go through that information and understand it.

Group 3: I don’t know of any programs that can help you to make money that don’t cost at least something to get started. Yes you may have heard that you can
make money using facebook and that’s true, but you have to know how to do it. Whoever
teaches you that will ask you for some money. Both the systems I used to get two of
my money-making websites started cost me money to start. For one of them I have
to pay $300 per year just to maintain it. For the other I paid a lot more than that.
But on both of them I make much more than that off my sites so that the return on
my investment is well worth the while. ROI or return on investment is a concept
that you need to understand before you get started.

That’s why that whatever you spend money on to learn something in reality shouldn’t cost you anything. Why? Because you will get your money back by applying what you learn. If you don’t apply what you learn from any training course you take, your costs will be high and you will be just throwing money away or wasting it. That makes no sense.

Group 4: If you belong to this group and really and truly want to start your acting
career, then stick with it and don’t give up. You have the right attitude. Even if you
decide not to take my home-study course, because you have a viable alternative
to help you start your acting career quickly, I’m confident that you will find your way by getting that information somewhere and somehow. Whether you get it from me or not, you will inevitably need it to get a successful start to your acting career. So hang in there!

The next step for you

So, now that I have let off a little steam, I want to inform you of the option you have
of either staying on this list or by going down to the bottom of the page of this mail
and clicking on the ‘manage your subscription’ link and taking yourself off the list. I
say this for your own good. There’s no sense in wasting your time hoping that a
miracle will happen. That’s not what I promote here. I promote a program that I know works for serious people with serious intentions and I get great satisfaction in
working with people who are willing to work hard to get what they want.

If that’s you, then maybe we’re made for each other, so stick around and I’ll show
you how to get your acting career started.

14 thoughts on “Which group of aspiring actors do you belong to?

  1. Well i really appreciate your interest and also your truly advice. I will take them in consideration thank you. I would really like to find an agent who could take me to big places.

  2. I am extremely interested in starting my acting career as soon as possible. However, when ever I get the opportunity I am told I need to be avaliable durring work hours, pay money for some reason or another (pictures and/or portfolio’s are understandable as well as serious legit classes), or find a way out to manhatten every time some one wants to discuss with me how they will help with my acting career after I pay a sum of X-amount of dollars. The problem with being avaliable durring work hours is that my life is just a constant financial disaster and I really cant afford to lose my job. Also the problem with transporting to manhatten just for more expensive tips that I probably could have guessed or figured out on my own and I am currently with out means of transportation.

    • Hi, and sorry if my english is bad. I wish to ask. What can I do to reecive your autographed photo? If I have to send a fanletter to you, will you let me know an address for you in Australia. Please, it will make me so proud if I’m the lucky one.Have a nice day michelleYours sincerelyAnni Pia Jensen

  3. Thanks mr Tony for getting informed on how to start my acting career, i do appreciate all ur support. The only challenge i have with is your program payment which is in dollars and i am a nigerian resident in lagos nigeria then without a naira mastercard, it will be deficult to participart. Sir i do need your acting career quick starte with a realistic approach but these are my challenges and i need your assitance .

  4. I want to start an acting career because i will be free the whole of next year. I want to start something to do while am in the house doing nothing. I am only hoping u accept me and help me start an acting career

  5. Hi i believe i belong to the fourt group,i want start my career with a boost also i m a theatre actor and doing theatres from last 4 years and now i want to into commercial movies.so help and give me the tips to come in the light.

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