Can you help me with my acting talent?

Can you help me with my acting talent? That was a question I received just a few days ago. Here was my answer to that question.

If you want help with your acting career I can help you.
If you want to learn the craft of acting or have help to
build your acting talent, I'm not an acting teacher, but
my home-study course will point you in the right direction.

You have to decide three things.
1. How serious are you about wanting to learn what you need
to know to start an acting career? That means, are you
willing and able to invest some money to get started?
2. How quickly do you want to get started? Do you want to
already be acting within the next six months or can it be
longer than that?
3. How hard are you willing to work to start your acting

The reason I ask you these questions is this.
There are a lot of people out there who SAY they want
to start an acting career, but who really aren't willing
to do what it takes to get started.

In that case, I send people to my free information website
called and there they can find
all and any kind of information they need to get started.
What I have found though is that 97% of those people never
get very far, because they don't know what to do with that
information. It's too much and they don't know what to do
first. There is no one to bounce ideas off of and to coach
them along in the process.

The people who are serious have another option with me. That
is the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course, which
provides step-by-step instruction on video and also with
personal coaching from me each month.
It requires an investment of $37 per month for six months,
which is a total of $222 over the six months. The people
who apply what they learn in the course earn that money back
on their first acting job even BEFORE THE COURSE IS FINISHED.

You asked the question about talent. Acting talent is
important in an acting career, but unfortunately it is
just a small part of the whole puzzle that you need in
order to be successful. To help you better understand
this point, have a look at this video and
see why acting talent alone isn't enough.

Good luck to you!


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