Your Acting Career Start-Up

Time is running out for you to get more for less.
Take advantage of The Personal Package!

It’s a new year and the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course is just 10 months old. It’s come a long way in just a short time. It started out with:

Start an acting career
The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course
  • videos each week for six months (more than 40 hours total of step-by-step instruction designed for you to actually start working as an actor during the course!),
  • downloadable course materials that you can read through and reference at your leisure),
  • email support for you to ask me questions directly,
  • live monthly webinars in which you get to interact with me and other students,
  • four bonuses:
    1. My First Three Months (of my acting career)
    2. How to overcome stage fright
    3. Presenting with impact!
    4. How to convince anyone of anything, anytime!


    • 4 additional surprise bonuses

In addition to what you see here above, the program has evolved to also offering The Personal Package, which consists of the following:

  • a free type, headshot, cover letter and resume evaluation done by me personally: participants send me their materials and I evaluate them and give a recommendation on how they can market themselves to ensure the best success rate possible from their efforts, (a $29 value!)
  • free downloadable mp3 audio files of ALL the videos in the course to listen to on your iPhone, iPod, smart phone or other audio device, (a $69 value!)
  • free skype calls each month for 6 months for a limited number of students who desire to interact with me directly and personally to talk about their own personal acting career situations. (a $99 value!)
  • A complete list of everything you need to start your acting career. (a $29 value)

That’s an additional $225 value at no extra cost for your Acting Career Start-Up.

It’s like taking a five-day course that you can repeat whenever you want and also having your own personal coach to talk to about your own personal acting career situation and who shows you step-by-step what you have to do and how to do it. There’s nothing more results-oriented than this on the market today!

You get all that value for just $37/month…right now that is. In less than 48 hours that offer will change and will no longer be all-inclusive. The Pesonal Package will then be made available at the prices you see listed here above.

If you REALLY want to start an acting career, I honestly and truthfully can’t imagine that there is a better way to do it.

So, don’t miss out on this innovative and above all, very practical way for you to start your acting career! Don’t hesitate. Don’t procrastinate. Just Do It!

You can get started within minutes of your purchase.

5 thoughts on “Your Acting Career Start-Up

  1. hi tony iam mohamed maatouk remmber iam from lebanon iam still astudent and i wish to be an actor can you help me and where i start i will thanksful for you

  2. hi tony iam mohamed maatouk from lebanon you remmber me right look you are always sending me messages to help me to be actor and I respect this from you but please can you help me in another way because I cant pay you for the course understand me tony please and can we talk on email or facebook my email and my facebook is please tony repley me ok waiting your answer

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