Acting auditions: How to get them

Wondering how to get a lot of acting auditions?

Think about this. So many new actors look around on the internet for audition websites. They ask about which websites are the best ones? Which websites have the best auditions and so on. Many of these same people have been trying this method to start their acting careers and even though it isn’t working, the crazy thing is that they keep trying it.

I’m a very practical person. I’ve learned through my corporate career how to figure things out. So if one isn’t finding a lot of acting auditions, here is something to think about.

Which way are you trying to start your acting career and thus get lots of acting auditions?

Starting an acting career

Which method are you trying to start an acting career?

So if you have been trying and trying and not getting anywhere in your acting career, you might want to stop and think a minute about how you are trying to get started. If your method isn’t working for you then, like I say, you have two choices. Either keep doing it and hope for a miracle or do something different.

The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course is designed to help you get started acting within the first few months. It is your mentor, your coach. That’s why I took such care to create more than 40 hours of video that gives you step-by-step instruction and that leaves no stones unturned. You will know exactly what you need to do. But don’t take my word for it. Go and have a look at what Brent Bauer is doing as a result of taking the course.

If you want to get in, we’d love to have you. Go check it out. You can start within just minutes after your payment goes through! That means you can take the first step to acting career success today and finally start getting more acting auditions!


3 thoughts on “Acting auditions: How to get them

  1. i want to beocme an actor as soon as possible please help me in this as my parents are against it so do whatever u can do but little fast i want it to be my career as well as my passion in future . thanx

  2. Thank you so much Tony. You gave me alot of good advice and I really appreciated that. You helped me out big time. I think now I might have a little sense of what to do now. Thank you so much.

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