Have you ever felt that something was off in an audition situation?

The rest of the question from one of the students in the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course:

"A few weeks ago I had an audition for a play. It was for a very popular
theatre company in the area. They had a ton of people in that audition situation.
It was a cold read audition only. I received an email that 17 people didn't make
it. The lady who submitted the email said it took her 5 times to
audition before she got a role with this particular theatre! I thought to
myself, "Wow, this is very a competitive and hard company to get involved
with!" Only three times in my lifetime I didn't get a call back for a play.
But the most interesting part was, while I was waiting I could tell a lot
of the actors have worked together in the past and knew the directors.
There was a certain vibe in the air that wasn't quite right. Usually at an
audition I feel great and have a lot of fun. Yes, a little nervous but
fun. I didn't feel anything, everything felt weird. Have you ever
walked into an audition and felt like something was off?"


Yes I have in more than one audition situation and felt that something was off. I have felt in a similar way to what you described. I saw other actors that knew each other and in some cases had worked together on projects. Early on that made me feel uncomfortable.
Later I saw it as a challenge and had too strong of an attitude when I walked into the auditions. I had too much energy and “will to win”, because I took it as a challenge, that I had to beat them. That wasn’t good either and in such cases I didn’t get called back.
Then I realized what I was doing wrong and I learned to be confident, but at the same time relax and that made all the difference in the world.

One of the things we cover in the Home-Study Course is how to best handle yourself in an audition situation.



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