What starting an acting career can be like if you work hard

Starting an acting career

Brent Bauer

Acting Career Quick Start Graduate Brent Bauer

If you want to know what it’s like when you really get your acting career going at the beginning, here is a snapshot of what it can be like for you too if you are currently not getting any auditions or acting work and are not sure how to make things happen for yourself. This is one of the continuous updates I get from Brent Bauer, a graduate of the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course.

Hey Tony,     Stating an acting career is a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding. How have you been? Today marked a big day for me in my acting career. I did my first mailing to casting directors and a few agents. It was quite a great feeling walking out of the post office knowing that they were in the mail.  A lot of work was involved with researching each one and including something about them in each cover letter but it was so worth it.  I included my headshot/resume, cover letter, and a self-addressed stamped postcard.  I also just got another role in a movie and just got contacted about being in another project.  Tomorrow, I have an audition as well.  The great thing is that it’s only the beginning.  I really look forward to the journey.  I think one reason why actors fail is that they only look at the destination of making it. They don’t enjoy the ride of getting there.  I am all for the journey; each step I treasure it for what it is.  I recently looked back at everything I’ve accomplished just since taking this course.  It is so awesome to see how far I’ve come along since then.  There’s plenty more to come!

[After a few weeks]

Since the last time, I’ve been doing quite a few projects.  I started a commercial class with a casting director who has a very good reputation in my area and gets quite a bit of work.  Through her, she got me a gig for a local car commercial.  I got a really nice close-up of me in a car!  The commercial has been playing constantly which has been very exciting.  I also did work on a commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods for their holiday commercial.  It was an all night shoot (11pm-7am) but was so worth it.  I also have recently been cast in another film that will be filming the beginning of next year.  Also, I just got representation from an agent and also invited to attend an Open Call with another agency.  A few weeks ago, I also sent my first postcard to all casting directors and agents I sent my info to.  Within the next week, I’ll be sending another postcard to them about my recent updates as well as wishing them a Happy Holiday.

I personally am proud to know that what have created is working for those who are willing to work hard while starting an acting career and follow the program step-by-step as it was meant to be followed.

Good job Brent!

Your Acting Career Mentor

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    • Hi I would love to Have a mentor as cool and hard as you. I feel I have sooo much work to do as a Woman and would love to know what it takes to reach my dmreas and live the life I am suppose to live. PLEASE HELP!!!

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