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How can I become an actress in New Zealand? There aren’t very many opportunities here like in America…


1. I don’t have a page yet on my site yet about talent agencies in New Zealand, but if you do a search for “talent agencies in new zealand” I found some that you could check out. Such as this one for example: I don’t know it, never heard of it, but it’s a start. Do the search and you will find more. I will put together a page for New Zealanders soon!

2. My top 5 for what I look for in someone who says they want to be an actor?
a. presence and personality: I look for someone who pops out at me, which doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be bubbly, but they have something special that I don’t normally see and that I think would be “interesting” to see on film or on camera”.

b. passion: I want to work with someone who wants to be an actor, not because they want to be famous, not because they want to make a lot of money, but because they really and truely love acting and can’t imagine doing anything else.

c. some base talent: to become an actor, you don’t have to know how to act right away, but you have to have some base talent. As they say, you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. You can’t make an actor out of someone who doesn’t have what it takes.

d. someone who is teachable: that means someone who is humble, who takes feedback, takes direction and applies what they are told without rebuttle.

e. if the person is under age 18, then they must have the support of their parents. That’s critical, because without their support, it will be virtually impossible to have a career.

3. Agents typically look for actors to fill holes in their client base and also actors who can give them what they want, which is to help them make money. The more you can book work off of auditions they send you out for, the happier they are. That’s the most important thing for an agent. You can have your own opinion, but they will send you out for jobs/auditions where the description fits your profile and look. That’s how it works.

Look at these two interviews, one on video and the other to read:

4. I would recommend having a professionally done headshot taken, when you are ready. I always suggest that you should first be taking acting classes before you think about getting an agent. If you would get an agent and don’t know how to act, then how can you think that you will be able to beat out your competition? Looks are one thing. Knowing how to act and feeling comfortable in front of the camera or on stage is another. You need to know how to do that first. And when you know how to act, then you will be able to take a better headshot, because your training will have taught you how to “take command” of the camera.

So don’t spend the $200 just yet until you are ready. I agree with mom on this one.

5. Yes, unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there and you must be careful. One thing you should do is beware of people who say they will make you a star. Or people who tell you they will be your agent if you just pay them first or take one of their classes. Usually that’s a bunch of bull. Agents get 10% of what you make AFTER you do the job. They get paid and give you 90% of what the job paid. That’s the way it works.

One of the best ways to avoid scams is to be knowledgeable. My website is a great start, because it has literally hundreds of pages of information. Use it. It’s all free.

6. With regard to dressing for auditions, it depends. If they audition is for a casting director, then you might want to wear something that will help you be remembered for that part you are auditioning for.
If you are interviewing/auditioning for an agent, then just wear something that is comfortable and be yourself. Don’t try to impress. Just be yourself.
That’s all they want to see.

7. You also said something that touched a chord in me. You said that since you and mom live alone together, that $200 is a little much to spend right now. I totally understand. Tell you mom to have a look at this page on this website link:

It is a great, honest website that helps you to turn a passion into an online business and work from home. I’m doing it. It’s NOT about getting rich. It’s about making money in an honest way by helping others. Sort of like what I’m doing right now.

You seemed very determined young lady to become an actress one day. If that’s what you want, then I wish that for you and wish you the best of luck! Keep mom close and have her read this mail too. Remember that the more she knows about all this and the more information you can help her to have, the more she will be able to help you.

Very soon I will have a new home study course in which I will walk people through the steps to starting an acting career. Each week I will be on video for you and you will have downloadable course materials and everything. It is a course to DO and not just to watch. I’ll put you on the mailing list so you will know when it’s ready.

Good luck to you and mom and let me know if you have any other questions!

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