Question: I have 3 agents, but I’m not getting much work. What should I do?

I really love my agent and don’t want to leave him.


My suggestion is that before you drop your agents, to try and figure out why you are not getting much work?
Learn how to analyze your BUSINESS, because that’s what it is.

Loving your agent is not a reason to stay with her/him.

Have you had a discussion with your agent?
If you have, did you learn EVERYTHING you need to learn about why you are not getting work?
What does your acting teacher tell you about your acting ability and about your readiness to audition? Especially if you are not working a lot, what ELSE are you doing while you are waiting for agents to call you for auditions? There are so many other things that you can do!
What ways are you using to promote yourself and get your work seen?
When’s the last time you were in a showcase?
Did a targeted mailing?
Submitted yourself online?
Tried to get some experience in community theatre, just to keep your skills sharp?
Taken classes?
How would you evaluate your auditioning skills?
Your cold reading skills?
Your monologues? How are they?
How are you with the camera?
How do you keep track of your auditions and what information do you keep track of? How often do you analyze it? What conclusions have you drawn recently from your auditions?
Which ones do you do the best at? What kind of auditions were they?
Which ones did you do the worst at? Why? What was the situation? What kind of audition was it?

Especially now at the beginning of your career, you really need to become analytical so that you can figure things out for yourself.

I have a whole lot more information about how I analyzed my work in the beginning and still do.

Good luck!


One thought on “Question: I have 3 agents, but I’m not getting much work. What should I do?

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